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Overwatch boost features
Spectate your boost
Follow the boost process by spectating a private stream by your professional booster. This option is available for most Overwatch 2 boost types, making it possible for any client to watch his booster play.
VPN protection
All OWBoostRoyal boosters utilize VPN protection that allows them to stay undetected by Blizzard. Having an IP address from the same country as The client, is a crucial security measure.
Time guarantee
OWBoostRoyal is the only Overwatch 2 boost provider that offers time guarantee on any command purchased. Time limit is order dependent, and it can be followed in the member’s area.
Chat with booster
Contacting your booster have never been easier. There is an built-in chat window on every command, in order to make all boost related communication easy with the booster and to help you master overwatch.

The safest Overwatch 2 boost

Compared to other Overwatch 2 boosting services available, OWBoostRoyal offers the most reliable experience and has the most built-in security measures. As the only registered Overwatch 2 boost provider, we have the most resources to offer outstanding account protection.

Best performing boosters

We employ only the most skilled, above Master Overwatch 2 boosters in order to complete any command with the highest possible win rate. Achieving high win rates on every order is only possible by the careful selection and management of the professional booster employees.

Low boost prices

There is a significant competition when it comes to Overwatch 2 boosting prices. Having reasonable prices combined with continuous discounts makes it possible for us to offer one of the lowest prices on the market combines with high-quality Overwatch 2 boost services.

Highest quality and privacy

OWBoostRoyal provides top quality service from the point of purchasing throughout to the end of the boosting process. All data that flows through the site is classified, as to be the highest quality service provider on the boost market, privacy is a main attribute.
Overwatch boost priorities

Safe Overwatch 2 boosting, by the first registered company in the industry!

One of our top priorities at OWBoostRoyal is safety. In opposition to other websites in the boosting business, OWBoostRoyal is the first to have a registered legal company behind it. The legal state of the firm provides significant advantages that no other websites in Overwatch 2 boosting can match. To guarantee safety throughout the whole boosting process of Overwatch 2 accounts, we introduced various measures. The first step of providing any safe online service starts with website security. All of the OWBoostRoyal domains are protected with SSL encryption, making their database inaccessible for anyone but the admin in charge for account safety. Security of accounts and Overwatch 2 boost accounts has extreme importance. In order to master Overwatch 2, you are in the safest place possible!

Customer friendly, easy order following

Our Overwatch 2 boosting services were designed to fulfill any customer needs. The purpose of having different types of services within the area of Overwatch 2 boosting is to serve this goal. It is easy to browse and compare a range of services on the website, helping the customer to find the most suitable one for his needs. In any video game related boost business, it is important to have a rich variety of options offered, alongside with customizable add-on extras such as ultra fast delivery or streaming. Streaming the Overwatch 2 boosting process allows the buyer to follow the progress of the boost live while learning tricks and skills of raising Overwatch 2 skill rating from the professional booster player. Communication between the player and the selected booster has never been easier. Each ordered boost creates a separate panel in the member’s area that contains a private chat with the booster and different tools for order following.

Award-winning chat support

To further increase customer comfort, OWBoostRoyal established a chat support system for clients, providing any Overwatch 2 boost related information. The chat window can be found on the bottom right corner of the website, and it works the same way as any other chat support service. We only employ supports, who master Overwatch 2 and they have the knowledge of all boost related topics, to give any customer, the right information on any subject. All of our chat support agents are ready to answer any boost related questions, for example, general questions about each Overwatch 2 boost service or they can help you to compare a boosting service with another, making the purchasing process easier. They can also provide information about different payment methods, and after submitting any Overwatch 2 boost command through the website, admins can further help the customer to manage their commands, merge them, delete, or appoint a new booster on them if required.


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