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Duo Queue boosting makes it possible for the client to stay active playing Overwatch 2. By purchasing, we provide a professional booster who will play duo queue competetive games with the client.

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Buying Duo Queue games

Advantages of buying a Duo Queue boost in Overwatch 2

Duo Queue boosting has the most differences compared to other classic boosting services in Overwatch 2. The main difference itself is that the player also contributes to the process as he is participating and playing in all of the games throughout the boosting process. The core function of playing as a pair and the player being active in the boosting process offer many advantages in opposition to traditional boosting services in Overwatch 2. First and the most important one might be the concerns over account safety. With the duo boost option, the player does not need to give any account details as he is playing on his personal account. Needless to say that any service provided by OWBoostRoyal are safe to use as the data and the site itself is 256k encrypted. Staying active and playing and learning from the booster is the biggest advantage of duo queue boosting.

Buying Duo Queue games

Purchasing a number of duo queue games is one of the two primary options when it comes duo-boosting. This service is convenient for players who are planning to participate in a number of duo-boosted games, as with this option, the player selects the number of games he wants to play with the professional Overwatch 2 booster before heading to checkout. Some extra features can be optionally added to the service for an additional cost. Buying some duo games can be transformed into duo net wins which mean that one defeat with a booster results in an extra win played with the booster. The other additional feature is coaching. For some extra money, this option can be added to the order. Coaching and duo queue boosting is the perfect combination in Overwatch 2. While the player is enjoying winning the competetive games with the booster on his side, this becomes the perfect opportunity for coaching through live chat. Getting coached while winning in Overwatch 2 is the most fun way of getting better at the game.

Duo Queue Skill Rating Boost

Duo Queue Skill Rating Boost in Overwatch 2, as its name tells, is a skill rating based type of duo queue boosting. By participating in this sort of boost, the player needs to set the current and desired skill rating to start the boosting process. It has the same goal setting than the simple Skill Rating Boost with the main difference that the player is pushed to the desired skill rating by duo boosting. Another extra option that can be selected and added to the order is the number of boosters. At BoostRoyal, it is even possible to have five boosters in the player’s team while rocketing higher in skill rating, although that is an extreme way of getting ahead. Most of the competetive tiers are reachable by playing with one or two boosters which make this one an excellent service for players looking for reaching a high skill rating while playing on their own Overwatch 2 account.

Duo Queue Skill Rating Boost