Overwatch 2 Characters We Know About

Long-time and new coming fans alike of the team shooter game Overwatch are eagerly awaiting the release of Overwatch 2 from Blizzard. At Blizzcon 2019 multiple characters were teased in anticipation of the release. Here are all the characters we know about being released in Overwatch 2.


Firstly, we know that because the content is to be shared between Overwatch 1 and Overwatch 2 the entire cast of the first game is available in the second. But that’s not the exciting part. We also know that this list does not cover all the new characters being added because with such a far-off release date there is hope that more should be previewed before the game arrives.


The trailer shown at Blizzcon 2019 showed us two new characters to expect to meet in Overwatch 2. Echo and Sojourn.




While Echo was expected to be a new face in Overwatch two, we ended up getting to know her as the last hero on the playable lineup in Overwatch 1. Echo was long predicted to be a main hero in Overwatch 2, and is going to be, but we know a lot more about her than we expected to. The best part about Blizzard announcing Echo as the last in the string of 32 characters of the original Overwatch is that the developers are now dedicating their time to finalizing Overwatch 2.


Echo’s character is a humanoid robot with an artificial intelligence system that makes her an adaptable player in batter field roles. Her movement abilities including gliding and flying, as well as the ability to duplicate an enemy to utilize their powers.


Her weapons are sticky bombs, that adhere to the target before detonating, and a tri-shot that shoots three energy forces at once.




Sojourn is an even more exciting character coming with the release as she is exclusive to the sequel. It has been confirmed that she is a DPS character in Overwatch 2, and we may even know some of her abilities at this time


Our first snippet of Sojourn came to us in a decrypted audio message. In this message, Sojourn is speaking to Soldier 76 about capturing Doomfist, the game’s villain.


Slightly more was revealed to us at Blizzcon 2021 when we learned more about the weapons Sojourn carries, including a rapid-firing energy rifle. The rifle carries 40 rounds in a clip. The rifle quickly reloads which is useful in high-fire combat.


In the revealed gameplay Sojourn is shown knee sliding while firing her weapon. In this movement ability, from her feet and calves there appear to be rocket boosters firing as well.


Another ability was hinted at, as we were able to see an icon depicting an explosion of arrows, with a cool-down time of 12 seconds. Finally, the ultimate ability teased showed Echo glowing to supercharge her secondary weapon, a railgun.


That’s all that we have been shown at this point! We eagerly await more information on the game and hope for the release to come soon.

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