Overwatch: Latest Tank Heroes

Every hero in the Overwatch have its different roles. They were categorized into three groups the Tank, Damage, and Support. Each group has various uses, especially on the battlefield. Tank heroes infuse damage to make a space for your squad. They are the ones who breakdowns enemies that are in groups in the radius. The tanks are the one who leads the group, as for this year 2019 here are the latest tank heroes that you can choose for your team.

•    D.Va

She is a tank hero who is nimble and powerful.  Her real name is Hana Song, a Korean which she is a former Professional gamer, actress, and a pilot. She can quickly close a gap in her enemy by his boosters. The close range of her high damage output is a great help, which makes her stronger and good to do in a one-on-one match. In terms of her defense matrix, she can shut down all the incoming projectiles in mid-air. However, if this is active, she cannot use her fusion cannon.

•    Orisa

She is another overwatch tank hero, which serves as a central anchor for her team. She uses her protective barrier to defend her teammates in the frontline. She can also attack in the long-range, strengthen her defense, she can slow and move her enemies by launching a gravitation charge. And she also positions supercharger in boosting the damage caused by a single attack by multiple allies.

•    Reinhardt

Reinhardt Wilhelm a German who is formerly a crusader, adventurer and Overwatch agent. He is equipped with a powered armor with a swinging hammer. He also leads a rocket-propelled attack in the battleground. He uses a massive energy barrier to defend his teammates.

•    Roadhog

Also known as Mako Rutledge is an Australian enforcer and bodyguard. With the use of his Chain hook, he pulls his enemies closer to him before he blasts it with his Scrap gun. He’s hardiness can resist a tremendous damage, and his health can recover easily in a short period.

•    Sigma

The newest tank hero in the Overwatch. His name is Siebren de Kuiper, a Dutch astrophysicist. He has the power to controls gravity. He has two-round burst projectile fire that can damage his enemy at once. He can also freeze in mid-air, any incoming projectile and turned it to his shield.

•    Winston

Is also a tank which he is formerly a test subject, Scientist and adventurer. He uses his invention such as the jump pack blasting electricity a Tesla Cannon. He also has a portable shield projector; he has the strength of a gorilla.

•    Wrecking Ball

His real name is Hammond a formerly Test subject, Mech pilot and a mechanic. He can roll across the battlefield with the use of his arsenal weapon and his powerful mech body in crushing his enemies. His automatic assault cannon destroys looming threats apart in a medium range.

•    Zarya

Aleksandra Zaryanova is a Russian soldier. She is also a tank character in the Overwatch. She deploys powerful personal barriers which it converts the incoming damage to be an energy in her cannon. He is also a helpful asset to be in the front lines into the battles.

Tank heroes are vital because they are the one who is responsible for destroying enemies. They are the heroes that damage is their skills, in creating severe damage, and lowering damage. They serve as the teams’ frontline, which will protect their other teams against the enemies.

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