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Placement matches are here to give you the perfect start in the competetive season. By choosing us, we can give you some serious results to start with.

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The essence of the placement games

The essence of the placement games

OWBoostRoyal delivers the placement games boost option for players looking for the best possible outcome after finishing their placement games when each season starts in Overwatch 2. Placement games work the same way in Overwatch 2 than in most of the other competetive based online games. After each season, the competitive play gets a reset and tier rewards are distributed among the players. As the competetive stat of each player is reset, placement games were introduced to get an estimate of each player’s skill rating before they are introduced to their new skill rating at the beginning of the season. These are the ten placement games that must be played at each season start. The system estimates the skill rating from the results of the played placement matches. Winning ten out of the ten games provides the best outcome while winning zero out of the ten matches is the worst case scenario regarding the level of skill rating.

Overwatch 2 Placement matches

We recommend players to participate in Overwatch 2 placement games boost for some very straightforward and logic reasons. One of the main reasons is the importance of the ten matches as these are the most impactful ten competetive games in the whole season. Buying competetive wins for the same price later into the season will not even close the impact of placement matches in Overwatch 2. Make sure that you do not miss out on the opportunity of reaching your dream goal just by ordering the ten placement matches at the start of each competetive season. Getting placed in your goal skill rating at the beginning of the season can help you to play your relaxed game style throughout the whole season as you already have the season-ending reward in your pocket. Duo queue boost can be combined with placement matches boost, as it is possible fo the player to play the placement games himself while an Overwatch 2 booster employee queues up with him to help him to win the most possible games out of the ten placement matches.