The Historic Streaming Marathon by Ludwig on Twitch

Ludwig Ahgren singlehanded partook in historic 30-day streaming, which was by far the longest continuous Twitch gaming stream that's ever been done before. In addition to this, it's likely to go down in history as being the most successful subathon event to ever take place.


We have broken down everything you need to know about this incredible event so that you don't need to sit through 30 days' worth of footage and analysis the relevant numbers and statics. We have done it for you.


Breaking Twitch’s All-Time Subscriber Record


On the last day of Ludwig’s subathon, he rapidly approached fellow streamer, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Belvin’s 269k record for the most subscribers on Twitch. By the end of Ludwig’s streaming marathon, he received far beyond this record gaining 283,000 subscribers. This data is according to Twitchtracker.


716 Hours of Streaming


Once Ludwig completed his subathon, he shared some of his numbers with the world. One of the digits that he shared was his total number of hours he spent streaming, which was an extreme amount. During his past month’s subathon, he totaled approximately 716 hours of streaming. This can easily be seen as one of the most monumentally long broadcasts out in the world.


His One Million Followers


During the streamer's one-month-long subathon, Ludwig gained one million followers. Before he began his one month of streaming, Ludwig was sitting with 1.6 million followers. This number skyrocketed and he was left with 2.6 million followers by the end of his subathon. This tremendous increase in followers of 160 percent is extremely impressive in only four short weeks.


He Doubled His Channel Views


The Twitch channel views metric is equipped to count the number of unique accounts that view a specific account. From this metric, Ludwig was reported to have received 38,000,000 unique views on his account while conducting his subathon in the month. This is an impressive number of new people who were exposed to Ludwig’s account.


Even though Ludwig was already one of the most prominent names in the world of online streaming, this new exposure made everyone know who he was. From this one-month subathon, she was able to double his impressions.   


Concluding His Streams


Ludwig completed his one-month streaming marathon with an exceptional audience of more than 200,000 concurrent viewers. This number was moving between 208,00 and 210,000 during the final moments leading up to the marathon’s completion. This number is Ludwig’s personal highest recorded concurrent viewers ever recorded.


The Money for Charity


Ludwig had outlined that he planned to donate $5 to a charity for every subscription that he gained during the last day of this month-long streaming marathon. From our calculations, Ludwig made approximately $350,000, which was donated to the Humane Society of America and St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital.


Many people praised Ludwig for choosing to make his final day of streaming to giving back. There’s no doubt that Ludwig’s life changed from this month-long subathon, but it’s also heartwarming to know that charity work was also performed.

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