New Role Queue System in Overwatch

To give a better game experience to their players, Overwatch developers made a new feature in the game. Since before we start to play, we need to choose which team we want to, and we only have a short period which is only 40 seconds. And as a player, picking the team composition is everything. It will be your success or failure to your entire game. So now the overwatch developer is very excited to introduce to you the new feature, which is the Role Queue.

The Role Queue you will have more control to your game experience, you will have more options in the game. It will also give you relief for the social pressure in choosing your heroes and roles. Because the Overwatch team wants to provide you with a more improve and a match quality play.

What are the uses of Role Queue?

For the Competitive Play and Quick Play, they must update the queuing and matchmaking. If you want to queue for a match, you need to choose between the three choices such as:

•    Support

•    Damage

•    Tank

When you get to the match, you will be only picking the role that you queue. You will be limited to what you queued for, such as if you pick the support, you will only be limited to the support that you will play. Each team will cover two damage, two tanks, and two support. An overall matchmaking rating to help you in what you want to play.

Under its new system, you will have the an under the hood matchmaking rating for every role. Like for the Competitive play, instead of one skill rating, you will have three skill rating which will be based on the tank, support, and damage. Instead of 10 placement matches, you can have five placement matches as an option on each role. If you will skill ratings for each character, you can get and will have a more competitive point on each.

In regards with their new system, they will end the Season 17 early. To make sure that the new system works competitively and test it properly. They will have a Data competitive season which will start on August thirteenth and will run for two weeks only. On September first, the role queue will be available to everyone. Also, some want to try the new role, some don’t, and some want to stay on the same role they are playing today. A quick play classic will be available in the arcade boxes for those who don’t want to play with the queue role.

For an extended period, Overwatch has been through a lot of changes, and it turns to be a good choice. The Overwatch evolves from the players, games, and team composition. The developers want to cite, that the new system is not made to change the meta or any specific meta and it is not their goal to control any of it. However, there will have a significant meta shift, but it will come softly and naturally for its hero balance.  The Role Queue will be a significant change to the game, and the participation of the gamers is highly needed, like sending your thoughts about the new system. With your participation in it, you can expect a much better game experience in Overwatch.

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