The Best and Most-Played Overwatch Heroes in 2021

Overwatch continues to be one of the most popular and competitive games currently on the market. This is even after five years of being available to the public. Although many players have been eagerly awaiting the release of Overwatch 2, it seems this isn’t going to take place this year.


In the meantime, players can make do with the current offers from the game. As of right now, Overwatch seems to be in excellent shape. The constant changes in the balance between the characters help to keep the game feeling fresh, despite not including a new hero since the release of Echo more than one year ago. In addition to this, Overwatch is also currently being praised for having one of the most interesting and exciting Metas ever experienced in the game before, with many devastating heroes to pick from.


However, it can be challenging for players to see which players are the best and being played the most. If your goal is to make your way into Overwatch ranked and gain some SR, it’s vital to pick the right characters. Here’s our tier list of the best and most-played Overwatch heroes in 2021:


Wrecking Ball


Wrecking Ball has constantly remained the most robust hero on Overwatch for a couple of months. At the moment, many of the primary tanks are struggling. Nonetheless, this powerful hamster is helping many members of the Overwatch community dominate. Due to many of Wrecking Ball’s features and abilities, he’s one of the heroes the meta currently revolves around.


As a result of this, Wrecking Ball is the most picked at Grandmaster rank. Hammond gives these heroes a run for their money if tanks’ jobs are to develop space. He’s equipped with the ability to disrupt and displace the enemy front while his backline is unmatched.




Zarya is known as currently being the best off-tank choice while playing at a high level. In addition to this, her synergy with Wrecking Ball is incredibly robust. Much like previous Zarya and Winston pairings, she can effectively protect the hamster as he travels to get some free charge. This is done while protecting the advance from and signs of crowd control.


In addition to this, Graviton Surges continue to be one of the most powerful ultimates present in the game. This is because it combines numerous robust abilities that your team is likely to have on offer.




Overwatch is generally in a good spot when Tracer is robust in the meta. From the performance of Tracer, we can tell that Overwatch is in an excellent spot. Tracer's cooldowns increase frequently, which means that she offers great value from being a nuisance when in an ability-heavy economy.


Nonetheless, she's also equipped to turn into a killer at any moment. This is the case if the ability is wasted or the positional mistake is performed. With that being said, Tracer thrives in extremely aggressive mobile comps, which are on the cards under the current conditions of the meta.

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