Things You Need to Know About Overwatch Shield

Every hero should have a reliable source or tool to protect itself against its enemy. In Overwatch, players should have a shield, a hit point that determines how much damage the hero can take. The blue increments represent it. This special type of HP is found on some heroes, Symmetra’s Teleporter, and barriers. It can take the damage and can be restored when the hero’s health has been healed.


When there is no damage taken within three seconds, the shields will automatically regenerate at a rate of 20 shields per second, regardless of the current health of the hero. However, on Symmetra’s Teleporter, Brigitte’s Barrier Shield, and Reinhardt’s Barrier Field, the period is shorter which is only two seconds without taking damage for it to regenerate.


Take note that not all shields can regenerate. However, all of its kinds have the same feature. It is the only type of HP that EMP cannot destroy. It maintains its appearance in a light blue “force field,” which can be achieved when the hero has enough energy. You will also notice that transparent hexagons cover the heroes who obtain additional shield.


When the shots hit the shield, it will then generate small pieces of hexagons. You will also hear a cracking sound and see a breaking effect once the shield is completely damaged.


Temporary Shields


Depending on your hero, there are some of them who can create temporary personal shields represented by dark blue increments. However, these types are susceptible to EMP and are not capable of regenerating or healing. Some of the heroes who have the abilities to create their temporary shields are:


Lucio – his Sound Barrier has protective waves that come out of his Sonic Amplifier that protects him and his allies that are within 30 meters, making it a reliable shield but can rapidly decay at a rate of 125 HP per second.


Wrecking Ball’s adaptive Shield can create 100 temporary shields and 100 additional shields per enemy nearby. It can last up to seven seconds and automatically dissipates after that period.


Doomsfist’s The Best Defense can’t be underestimated as well. It can create up to 150 temporary shields when he uses his normal ability to damage his enemies, and 75 shields if he hits them using Meteor Strike. It decays at a rate of 3 HP per second.

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