About Overwatch

Blizzard Entertainment developed Overwatch, and it was directed by 3 people: Jeff Kaplan, Chris Metzen, and Aaron Keller. Since it is an online game, make sure when you play this one, you have internet access and computer network for you to play comfortably. This genre is a first-person shooter. This game is a multi-player game. This game has a 30 heroes and characters. Each hero or character has a durability and unique personality based on their selves.

This game was also considered as a battle arena game or a riot game where you can play this using the computer network. It is advisable if you can play this game on a computer because the screen on the computer is wider than the screen on the mobile phones. You will your allies immediately because your allies indicated as the color blue, then the other team or opposing team will be indicated as the color red. The most damaged hero or characters need to earn an EXP (Experience points) so that the life of that hero will increase according to the EXP (Experience points).

Each hero has a unique personality and skills that depend on their performance either if they are TANK, SUPPORT, FIGHTER, MARKSMAN, MAGE, ASSASIN, Etc. Overwatch became popular due to the encouragement of everyone to play this one. The goal of this game is to destroy, vanish, and break all the statues, and bases of your enemies to be victorious and deemed as the winner at the end of the game. It will be better if you can play this game with your friends or you and your friends would create a squad. In this game, there is an option for making your own squad. This game is a ranked game, and joined already many competitions in SPORTS. Jeff Kaplan is one of the developers of Overwatch. Jeff Kaplan thought of another idea and another concept to develope this kind of game (Overwatch). After thinking of this idea, he developed this kind of game immediately and also included Team Fortress 2.

The players of each team would protect their own statue and bases. Letting the enemy destroy your own base would result in your performance into defeat. If you and your team or squad will have a great teamwork, your result will be considered as good. You should have an internet connection when playing Overwatch.

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