The Oldest Hero: The Great Sigma

On August 13, 2019, another great hero was added to Overwatch, and he is Sigma. A great and hopeful eccentric astrophysicist who’s after from unlocking all the universe’s secrets. Sigma is a living weapon in the game, Overwatch.  Sigma’s amazing story has something to do with what he is now. He had a failed experiment that made his containment of the government, and for many years Sigma was separated on the outside world. Then, Talon came to the scene when he discovered Sigma in a blank means and want to retrieve him for a purpose. Sigma is a one-of-a-kind hero; that’s why he is one of the highest picks in this game. His abilities make him, Sigma.

Here are the tips on how to use the abilities of Sigma properly.

1. Kinetic Grasp

Sigma’s kinetic grasp can only protect his front or the things in front of him. This ability really works like the Defense Matrix of D.Va. Usually, Sigma can absorb the pain in the back and even on the sides when he was attacked. The Kinetic Grasps cannot absorb any beams or physical attacks. Just like Defense Matrix, Sigma is also good at absorbing every ability. This is similar to the Particle Barrier of Zarya wherein it can attack one of the character’s aspects. Using the kinetic grasp, it allows players to effectively make no damage on the shield by just standing near on it. While users are using this ability, they can still call their barriers.

2. Accretion

Although Sigma is the oldest player that can be played in Overwatch, he still great because of this ability. It is used in saving all the support through punishing either the bruiser-type tanks and heroes with flanking damage through the pursuit of the target or stopping them. This ability can stun; that’s why it can also stop the ultimate. One of these ultimate is Roadhog, Pharah, Reaper, and others. This one can be pair with the primary fire of Stigma that makes it shoot a combo hero in a single shot with the heroes who have 200 to least number of hitpoints. The accretion can only deal 90 while Hypershperes can have 110 damage.

3. Hyperspheres

This ability can only travel for 20 meters, which is considered to be the maximum distance. This can just automatically implode when it cannot hit any target.  Yet, the coolest thing is that it can bounce off without exploding to any inanimate object. The thing on how it bounces can make corner shots, and others made it for sudden attacks when they are in closed spaces.

4.  Experimental Barrier

When the barrier of Sigma is active, it cannot regenerate its health. It is recommended that when you are not using the shield, it is a must to call it back. This ability can block those heroes with long rangers like Ana, Ashe, Hanzo, or Widowmaker. This one does not work with Hanzo because of being a mobile sniper.

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