Overwatch - the Best Heroes of Overwatch

Overwatch - the Best Heroes of Overwatch

Overwatch is a hugely popular team-based first-person shooter game that has garnered millions of fans over the years. You play in the Overwatch world, and you can choose which hero you are from a multitude of characters. Each one has their strengths, but which hero is the best of them all? Here is a short list of heroes who are at the top of their game.


Tracer is a hugely popular hero and the game’s eternal optimist. She is full of energy despite her low levels of health. Tracer can teleport and time-travel which are two huge features to have. Her nimbleness makes it easy for her to evade her enemies as she uses her pulse pistols and speed to defeat any obstacle in her way. What she lacks in health, she makes up for in quickness. Tracer is the fastest hero on the roster.


D.va is considered by many to be the cream of the crop. She is driven to win and fights to the end no matter the cost She gets her health from her suit, and care needs to be given not to let it get damaged. However, if it does get ruined, D.va can quickly eject from the suit and survive long enough to call in another one. She can even choose to blow up her suit which kills everyone in her line of sight.


Lucio is one of the originals to the game. His backstory is that he is a DJ and fighter of freedom. Lucio is from Brazil and takes his support role seriously. When the team is in trouble, Lucio can heal and speed them up which allows you to focus on advancing and fighting. He is one of the easier heroes to learn the game with and is perfect for an Overwatch beginner. Using a Sonic Amplifier as his main weapon, enemies are knocked off their feet with a click of a button.


Mercy is a well-known character of Overwatch. Like Lucio, she is also a healer who strives to make the wounded whole again. As a doctor, her support is huge in the game as she can even revive teammates who have died. Mercy can see her teams health levels and uses a staff and blaster to fight enemies. She is a force to be reckoned with.

There are many heroes of Overwatch. Each hero has their own strengths and underlying weaknesses. Choosing your favorite is hard, but you can’t go wrong with whomever you decide on.


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