The Top Five Skins in Overwatch

Skins are, for better or worse, an integral part of the Overwatch experience. The satisfaction you get from flaunting a rare skin feels great and serves as a way to show off your status and how much you play the game. 


They also bring in a lot of additional revenue for Blizzard, and I mean, A LOT of revenue. As of 2019, Blizzard has reportedly made over $1 billion dollars off of in-game transactions. So yeah. 


Some players lament the inclusion of skins, however, and hate the loot box system that accompanies them. 


Regardless of your personal feelings on them, you cannot doubt the importance of skin sales to the success of Overwatch.


Of course, with them bringing in so much money, Blizzard has developed a lot of really good-looking skins to try and convince players to part with their hard-earned cash. So we’re going to have a look at what are, in my opinion, the five most beautiful skins in the game. 


Number Five: McCree’s Blackwatch


McCree is one of the few Overwatch heroes that we know served as an active Blackwatch agent. This skin is his operative outfit for during that time. It is a dark and clean black with red accents and a bronze Blackwatch belt buckle. 


Number Four: Lu Bu


This Reaper skin is themed after an ancient Chinese general. It keeps Reaper’s sinister design incorporated with its red and black palette and evil-looking helmet. The skin sprouts Chinese flairs with two feathers that are attached to Reaper’s helmet in the style of a Chinese commander, and red fur around his vambraces.


Number Three: Sombra’s Demon Hunter


Demon Hunter looks like something out of the Elder Scrolls Online, not Overwatch. With this skin, Sombra gains a pair of empty yellow eyes, hidden by a dark, peaked hood. She gets ornate pauldrons and long hunting gloves, and the entire outfit is a leather brown. 


Number Two: Brigette’s Shieldmaiden


Another skin reminiscent of something from an Elder Scrolls game, Shieldmaiden is absolutely beautiful. Brigette sports some braided blonde hair with a streak of blue warpaint. She wields an intricately crafted mace and shield that are both decorated with steel Norse design. The outfit reminds me of a Nordic warrior, full of leather and fur. 


Number One: Genji’s Baihu



This skin must have taken a hell of a lot of time to craft. It is comprised of gorgeously detailed steel plate mail and features a furred white color and knight’s feather. The helmet looks like something from Ninja Gaiden, with a dark gold color that gives off a badass assassin vibe. The pauldrons are made up of golden Chinese guardian lions heads that have glowing blue eyes, as well as the belt buckle. 


Genji’s katana is beautiful. It takes on more of a longsword shape and sports a sleek blue design. The glowing blue highlights of Genji’s eyes, belt buckle, gloves, and pauldrons put a great spin on this skin. They contrast beautifully with the ornate, old-school feel of the rest of the skin, and scratches that classic cyber-punk itch so many of us feel. 

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