Guides in Using Hanzo in a Gameplay

Getting to know more your hero in Overwatch is a must. You need to know its features, strengths, and weaknesses. This is also for you to survive during the gameplay. Here are some guides that you should know about playing with Hanzo.

Hanzo is a damage hero who has a versatile arrow used to kill enemies. He is a medium-range sniper that has an area denial ability and a substantial team value. Hanzo is also considered as a Stealthier sniper because of his silent and hard to see arrows on the battle.  Through it, he can also get to kill and retreat quickly before his enemies get to see him. Hs only downside is having a poor aim of the Storm bow for a long-range.  And it requires him to get closer to its enemies to be able to hit them.

Hanzo’s primary weapon is his Storm Bow. These are arrows that fire out quickly and are affected by gravity. It can also be changed easily to gain more power. His shift is a Sonic Arrow. It is an alternative fire mode that lodges the arrow into the wall and produces a pulse to mark close enemies. So, he quickly targets even those that are out of sight.

Hanzo’s other ability uses a storm arrow, allowing the six arrows to fire out with no delays. But this has reduced damage. Hanzo’s ultimate weapon is the dragon strike. It has a charged shot that comes in two massive dragon heads. It can pass through walls and on its enemies on the way. It can deal with severe damage along the area.

Hanzo is good to use against Tracer. Even though Tracer is fast, she will not be able to escape on the Storm arrow of Hanzo. By only spotting its flanks that have sonic can surely kill Tracer.  Hanzo also have a significant advantage against Zenyatta. Through the sonic arrow, it can quickly locate the area where Zenyatta is hiding. The next is Bastion. The storm arrow of Hanzo is excellent in taking down the larger targets rapidly. Relatively, Bastion will have difficulty in making a self-heal faster as receiving a rapid shot.

However, Hanzo is not suitable to use against Genji, Reaper, and Roadhog. It is because the Genji is a brother of Hanzo. They can have a one versus one duel of a potent combination of wide range, close, and deflected damage ability. Hanzo is also not good to use against Reaper, because you will have a lack of escape ability. Relatively, you will quickly die when Reaper uses his double-tap shotgun. Also, it is not useful to battle Hanzo against Roadhog because when Roadhog’s hook catches you, it will be your game over.  So, you better not try to go against him.

Generally, Hanzo is a great addition as a damage hero in a team. He has a definite team advantage in terms of the gameplay. As a player, you will only need to do your job in having deep strategical thinking on how you will win in the battle.

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