Soldier 76: The Best Damage Hero to Use

Want to know how to rank up in the Overwatch game. As a newbie player, you need to familiarize yourself with all the characters and chose the best ones. There are lots of heroes to choose from, but this article will focus on one of the most excellent damage heroes; Soldier 76. Keep on reading to know more about this damage hero.

Primary: Heavy Pulse Rifle: Soldier 76 is armed with a rapid-fire machine gun, which is precise and extremely damaging. If you are familiar with FPS, for sure, you know what I mean.

Secondary: Helix Rockets: This is an underslung rocket launcher able to fire three escalation projectiles at once. It generates substantial damage to the opponents.

Shift: Sprint: Soldier 76 is able to eschew his other skills and shooting to shift quicker until canceled. 

Biotic Field: Drop a device which generates a curing field for a short time.  This is beneficial for teammates or allies.

His ultimate is a tactical visor. He gains flawless auto-aim for a short period for anything in his dream. The effect is both first and second fire modes.

Soldier 76 is indeed clearly aimed at the standard FPS gamer, and which makes this hero a good starting point it doesn’t matter if you have got thousands of hours in Call of Duty or jumping in from WoW as well as Diablo. The two fire modes of Soldier 76 works the same way as the renowned CoD weapons, his sprint works similarly, and he can self-heal each time he wants, with the added bonus it assists allies too.

Soldier 76 has an excellent auto-aiming ultimate and has a significant potential while needing perfect timing to utilize efficiently. His skill to headshot with each bullet signifies obscene harm is accessible with a good aim; however, so long as you can point and shoot, you will be helping out your allies. Soldier 76 sprints allow you to explore easily, which his healing capability, meaning you will persist in spotty bits of harm as well as damage. He is a remarkable all-rounder.

Soldier 76 is good against heroes like:

Bastion: Self-help allows him to hide around corners as well as an endless range on rockets signifies, he can shoot from out of kill zone of Bastion.

Pharah: Stable medium to long-range shoot faster and precise than her rockets.

Zenyatta: A high burst harm good against his little health-pool, best in the same ranges with a lot of damage output.

Soldier 76 is bad against:

Reinhardt: No enough harm to burst at the near range or in the shield that ends auto-aim dead.

D.Va: She has a point-defense zone that cancels the whole thing S76 does

Outranges Soldier 76 easily, should never be trapped at the optimal range and can evade his fire

This is our suggestion for which character you must play, despite whether you are a payload expert or brand new.  There are new heroes and new techniques that come up to help you win the game.  

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