Is Overwatch Free to Play?

With Overwatch's solid popularity, the number of curious minds is continuously growing. What is this game all about, really? Especially those who are still new in this game might eventually find themselves asking the question, "Is it free to play?" After all, you want to make sure it is worth the penny before shelling out real cash.

Overwatch Is NOT Free To Play

Unfortunately for people who want to try out the game first before spending real money, Overwatch won't give you a chance to experience the entire game for free. It usually costs $19.99. The game just sells the Loot Box, where gifts of player icons, skin, or money come out.

But don't fret yet! On a positive note...

Overwatch Is Free to Play On A Certain Time

For instance, during the anniversary event of Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch in 2018, it offered a free one week trial for those who have yet to get the game's copy and the opportunity to join in the fun. PC users were able to launch the game automatically from the launcher. On the other hand, console users were able to download the free copy from the online store of their console. Part of the treat was the launch of new cosmetics and skins to let each player enjoy a more thrilling, fun shooter game. And in November 2019, Blizzard Entertainment held another free trial game for a little over a week as part of its Black Friday sale.

Will Blizzard's Overwatch Be Free to Play?

No, but it could also be possible. Although the game itself is not free, the new maps or characters they launch will be for free. You can opt either to buy loot boxes or simply play and level up each game. By leveling up, you'll get one loot box for every level.

Additionally, even though Overwatch requires a one-time payment, you will never again have to spend money unless you choose to. All characters that will be released in the future will be immediately available to you without any extra or hidden charges. Again, it's up to you if you want to spend cash on cosmetic items or earn them with in-game currency through playing the game.

But if you don't want to invest in Overwatch yet, but the growing number of satisfied players make you more curious, just keep an eye out for the announcements about the occasional free game it offers. Many different new coatings, sprays, and clothes will be added to the game in the event process.

We Say It Is Time for Overwatch to Go Free-to-Play

Especially if we're talking about attracting new players and (possibly) becoming new OWL viewers, Blizzard should start considering to make Overwatch highly accessible to all players by going free-to-play. This would also mean freeing up the team to experiment with how Overwatch generates money and how it could better sustain players in the future. Going free-to-play can also further add hero customization options and more ways for the players to unlock new cosmetics and play the game.

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