Overwatch Tips and Insane Secrets Revealed!

Every Overwatch fan wants to get a winning streak. Those who are still new in this game might have quite a difficulty. Lucky for you, we've compiled some essential tips you can use throughout the game, plus dirty secrets that are sure to blow your mind away!

Overwatch Tips

Say no more to struggling games once you adopt these important tips for playing Overwatch.

•    Try out all heroes before picking your most favorite

Every hero in Overwatch is unique. So, one hero might work for you while others won't. Do you want your tank to drop shields? Otherwise, the speed of a DPS character suits you well? Try out every hero as possible to know which one will best fit into your preference.

•    Get to know the enemy well

Knowing what abilities your enemies have and how people commonly play them will enable you to have better preparation facing them. Doing so will give you tons of confidence and accordingly win more often.

•    Focus your target

It is usually best to kill the healers of the enemy first; otherwise, kill the key attacker (e.g., Bastion that mows down a team). Ensure that your team focuses on a similar target.

•    Identify the map

There are generally 17 maps contained in Overwatch. Each has its layouts and objectives: hybrid (Numbani), control (Ilios), assault (Hanamura), and escort (Dorado). The best way to get yourself acquainted with these maps is to play more fast play and get the hang of the maps in their various health pack rooms, flank routes, etc.

•    Do. Not. Fight. ALONE.

As tempting it is, never play the game alone. Do remember that Overwatch is a kind of game that heavily relies on team play. Stick to your teammates most of the time and attack as a group.

•    Move, move, and move!

In this game, mastering the art of constant movement is very crucial. Snipers might be even more deadly as they are in another FPS. Hence, you must keep moving all the time to make the lives of snipers difficult as well as extend your own.

•    Strong voice communication is key!

Since cooperation and teamwork are highly imperative, constant communication must always be applied through using headphones. Let your teammates know your position and any other important things.

Overwatch Insane Secrets

Overwatch also has a fair share of insane secrets that would surely change your perspective on it.

•    The dark backstory of Mei

While optimistic and cheerful outside, Mei has a dark past. The rest of her team died due to failed life support when they took an expedition to Watchpoint: Antartica for some odd climate behavior research.

•    Healing turrets

One incredible thing about the turrets of Torbjorn is that they can nip health packs. Thus, stick one on the crest of a frequently used medkit. 

•    Mercy's healing abilities

Speaking of characters with hidden abilities, Mercy also has some. She impassively heals herself once out of the fight. She can jump to her position with Guardian Angel with a combination of airborne Pharah.

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