Character's Guide for Newbies: Mei and Mercy

Do you want more excitement? Heads up! Overwatch gives you a lot of characters to choose from now. When you are new to this game, you must first explore and learn all the characters, including their abilities and powers.  It is one of the keys to enjoy this game and win every match.

Yet, one of the hardest and immediate questions for a newbie in this game is who will they choose from different heroes who are 31 in total. This game is based primarily on heroes and a first-person shooter in which players can choose whether they want to compete or play as damage, support, or tank characters. It is already given that heroes have their advantages and quite disadvantages, a set of abilities which makes them unique, and the power fight the counter enemies or allies.

Some heroes tend to have lower skills when they are situated on the floor, yet it does not show that they are useless; rather, they are just easy to play. An Overwatch player always seek to improve their rank, your game sense and mechanical skill will adapt and evolve against your opponents. Many newbies asked the best hero that they can learn and use first. This article will provide newbies a guide that they can learn to master all the basics immediately. It will also help them to be successful in every match as possible.

• Mei

The ability of Mei to freeze her enemies shows that she is a better candidate for newbies.  Mei is worth learning for newbies as she has the utility, which made her be an important pick in the present 2-2-3 meta, although she is more advantageous with her kit than the great Soldier: 76. The primary fire of Mei, which called Endothermic Blaster can only expend and stream in a short range of frost, which can help to slow and completely freeze the enemies at a single moment.

She also has a secondary fire, which is more long-range that can shoot different projectile icicles without damage left on the falloff. She is more advantageous in most heroes as she can freeze her enemy on her own using the primary fire. She finishes her enemies by an icepick on their heads.


Since the launch of Overwatch, Mercy's ability to resurrect those fallen heroes makes her a unique and great hero. Quite some time, she was seen as a role of a cornerstone healer, which rises or falls over in the Overwatch Leagues' past seasons. Yet, she remains intuitive and accessible support that a newbie wishes to learn. Mercy is armed with great Blaster and Caduceus Staff that newbies can be successful and will refrain from making use of its Blaster unless an emergent bad situation happens.

The great Caduceus Staff of Mercy allows players to alternate whether to be damage or heal, boosting their great allies. Though the primary fire of Mercy is the one used in the healing stream, allies that have damage boosting can be switch or default to heal when it is important, which makes the teammates win and finish the match efficiently.

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