Easy-to-Play Overwatch Characters

There are numerous team-based shooter games, and Overwatch has been one of the most famous options for many. There are diverse champions, beautiful designs, exciting gameplay, rotating game modes, and evolving competitive meta.

Overwatch can be difficult for beginners, and easy-to-play Overwatch characters can make your experience easier and more fun. What most starters do is that they play difficult heroes such as Zarya and Sombra. So, playing Overwatch can be stressful and complicated.

Don’t worry! We have gathered some of the easiest to play Overwatch hero. Take a close look at the following and find what’s the best character for you.


Brigitte has been a popular Overwatch character because of her flail and shield bash. She is a powerful hero with a simple and effective playstyle.

Her shield can help players avoid damage from the pile-driving enemy. Her healing ability doesn’t also require precision. For those who are searching for an easy-to-use healer, Brigitte is worth the effort.


Yes, Moira is not the easiest Overwatch healer out there. But she is simpler to play than Zenyatta and Ana. Her biotic grasp latches on enemies do not require many aims. This means she can deal significant damage with little coordination.

Her biotic orb can hurt enemies without extra effort and attention. Moira makes it easy for you to be a thorn in the other team’s side while increasing the success rate of your teammates in defending the payload.


Do you want to play DPS without a high level of skills and aim required? If yes, Reaper is a natural choice to have because he’s one of the most powerful Overwatch characters when appropriately used.

He has dual shotguns and the ability to escape combat. But a constant practice should be done before choosing a DPS. Still, this character is a top favorite among new players.


Generally, tank heroes are pretty hard to defeat, and a single mistake can be damaging for beginners. Winston has got you covered! His tesla cannon, for example, has lots of range and can defeat Genji and other pesky heroes with ease.

Yes, his barrier is weaker than Reinhardt and Orisa. But it can protect your teammates from sniper shots and other attacks. Winston’s jump pack can be stressful. A supporting team, however, can give you a satisfying experience.


Some players take advantage of Mercy to do too much damage to opponents. Others use Mercy because of her excellent healing capability. As a beginner, it is better to focus on her boosting damage and healing for teammates. Although most Overwatch enthusiasts prefer to play a DPS hero, an excellent healer like Mercy is helpful for a team with some inexperienced players.

Once you mastered Mercy, you can use Lucio, Zenyatta, and other difficult heroes over time.

Other easy to use characters are Bastion, Junkrat, D.Va, Reinhardt, Soldier:76, and more.

As you play, your skills widen and foster, so take advantage of the other Overwatch heroes. We encourage players to browse our site for further details.

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