The Story of xQc

Born in Laval, Quebec, on November 12, 1995, Felix Lengyel is a French-Canadian Twitch Streamer, mostly known as xQc or his twitch handle, xQcOW. Before setting in as a full-time Twitch variety streamer for Luminosity Gaming, a Canadian eSports organization, he made a name for himself playing Overwatch competitively.


His streaming career first started with him playing League of Legends on Twitch using xQcLoL as his username. He eventually switched games to Overwatch, a new Blizzard Entertainment IP, after playing the beta and falling in love with the game. Lengyel first started playing as a tank using either Winston or Reinhardt and quickly started gaining fame in the competitive scene for his skills with these characters.


He eventually debuted in a semi-pro eSport organization based in Canada, known as DanZit gaming. In this team, he was the main tank. With them, he won the Dreamhack Montreal 2016 Overwatch tournament, but not too long after, he left the team and joined "Q?" which eventually got picked up by Denial eSports.


After many unsuccessful results, Denial eSports disbanded, and xQc left for "YIKES!," which was eventually renamed to "Arc 6." Here they played in Season Zero of Overwatch Contenders and got eliminated in the group stage. Arc 6 disbanded after a change in focus, and xQc, fortunately, got picked up by Team Canada for the Overwatch World Cup 2017.


The team managed to make it to this tournament's finals, where they lost to the previous year's champion, South Korea. Lengyel got the award for being the event's most valuable player. 


On October 28 of the same year, he joined Dallas Fuel as their 9th player in the Overwatch League. He played several matches with this team before being suspended for four games, which eventually extended to every game in Stage 1. He returned for the next stage to lead his team to victory, getting himself awarded as the player of the match against Los Angeles Gladiators.


Lengyel then got suspended a second time for his use of the TriHard 7 emote on the Overwatch League stream, saying that it was considered racially disparaging language. Dallas Fuel then let xQc go from their team to focus on becoming a full-time streamer.


In 2018, he was welcomed again in Team Canada for that year's Overwatch World Cup and managed to get 2nd place on the Qualifier in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, they lost again to South Korea in the main event's semi-finals, and the team managed to beat the United Kingdom to finish in 3rd place overall. 


He decided to stop playing Overwatch for some time and became a variety streamer after getting banned for losing his temper on two people who were intentionally throwing during a game. In February 2019, he eventually made a comeback to the competitive scene, joining Los Angeles Gladiators and playing in that year's Overwatch World Cup, where his team didn't manage to pass the group stage.


During 2020 and presently, he continues to stream full time on Twitch. His current contract is with Luminosity Gaming, signed in October 2020, as a content creator. While he often browses new content on Steam and plays games based on his follower's suggestions, he still plays Overwatch occasionally. 

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