Wrecking Ball: A Resourceful Thinker Hero in Overwatch

On July 24, 2018, Wrecking Ball was added, and his real name is Hammond. He is a hero in the game, Overwatch. Wrecking Ball on his cuteness appearance, he has a remarkable skill about mechanics. That’s why he is also a resourceful thinker. He rolls across the world to overcome more and more challenges.

The Horizon Lunar Colony carried out many experiments and one of which is giving the animals a genetic therapy. This assesses the animal’s adaptation to the extended periods of moon’s habitation. Due to the side effect that the members do not expect to happen, many animals shown exceptional brain function and in their physical size. Although many subjects for the test include other primates and gorillas, there is always an exception, and this is Hammond, a hamster.

Just like the other animals, Hammond exhibited an intelligence that grew, and this made him more curious about the world. To the scientist’s amusement and puzzlement, Hammond often escapes the moon base. Then the scientists always get him and return him in prison. Little do they know that Hammond is busy with making great skills about mechanics.

If you are into the tips that can help you to understand more Wrecking Ball, then try to read the things below:

• Wrecking Ball is good at disruptions with denying area, quick disengagements, and engagements.

• Most players used Pilediver and Grapping Claw on rolling through many enemies so they can immediately scatter on the enemies and gain their ultimate change again.

• Wrecking Ball has the highest mobility as a Tank hero. This helps him to disrupt the flank enemy and enemy team backlines greatly.  The best thing is that he also has a high speed, that’s why he can quickly disengage from the fights.

• Yet, the disadvantage of using Wrecking Ball is that he cannot protect his team directly. Thus, it shouldn’t be played as a single tank.

• This hero is dependent on using his abilities. The enemy, Sombra, can hack Wrecking Ball that can put it to low options and greater risk.

• The large hitbox of Wrecking Ball made most of his stun abilities more susceptible.

• Wrecking Ball is a little similar to his friend’s animal tank, Winston. They can both create chaos and loves to leap around because they are entitled to high tanks.

• They are both best when they move together around, yet they are different from the plant tank and standard stand tank.

• Theses tanks are also focused heroes as they are much a Crowd Control. Most players used them to create and initiate space on capture objectives, targets with low health, and team fights.


• The Roll ability of Wrecking Ball provides him the power to avoid any critical hits that come from snipers that Winston cannot do.

• The critical hits of Quad Cannons made him engage with the fight with more tanks.

• If you want to use Wrecking Ball or include him on your team, it is a great idea that needs no second thought!

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