Playing an Overwatch Match: What Heroes To Choose

Do you want to play Overwatch but worried as don’t know and where to start? Worry no more because this article will give you tips on playing an Overwatch match.

Before a fight stars, first, you have to choose a hero. Use the map and discuss with your team members. You also have to be aware of the composition of your team when picking a hero. In case your team is on guard, and the first objective is to hold a goal, you may consider defense heroes like Bastion and Junkrat.

As the strategic condition alters during a fight, you may find that you would want to swap the hero you are playing. It is easy to do this, in the starting area of your team, press the H on your PC or hold the X if you are using XB1 and choose the new hero you want to play. Keep in mind that you charge level capability will be returned.

Death and Health

The level of damage a hero could take before losing is symbolized by their health. The health of a hero can be pull through by getting health packs, which can be found in fixed places all through each map, or through certain hero’s capabilities most especially Support heroes. Once the Health of a hero is down to zero, they die. However, they will return shortly. While waiting for a dead team member to return, your team is at a weakness. Try your best to keep the team alive!

What is more to health; heroes can get boosts to their survivability in armor and shield form that absorbs harm before Health?

Ending a Fight

If one team fulfill a map’s win condition, the fight is over, and that team will declare the winner. All members can see everyone’s parts, vote on the MVP players, give a comment regarding the match and see the Play of the Game.


A team of hero often passes in a narrow area to reach goals, the locations where, huge, multi-hero fights break out. If you are securing a chokepoint,  pull a position out of the opponent team’s line of fire and heavy position defenses like Torbjorn’s turret, and Baston’s Configuration.

If you are trying to move in a chokepoint, pick a hero that has high-mobility skills like Genji’s Wall Climb, Hanzo, Winston’s Jump Pack, those who can penalize tightly packed or set of opponents with area damage, or give support for many teammates straight away.

Tip to Consider

Don’t go into match alone if you can keep away from it. If you stick with your team, you will make sure that your support hero can easily secure allies, and organize your assaults on opponents.

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