Which are the Most Reliable Overwatch Healers to Try this 2020?

Every Overwatch teammate has a different role. Tanks, for instance, serve as the centers or offensive linemen of the game. They have large amounts of armor and health and are divided into main and off-tanks.

Main tanks make space for any team. Off tanks, on the other hand, secure space main tanks have made.

Damage heroes act as cleanup hitters or 3-point shooters. Yes, every character can do damage. Damage characters, however, are the most reliable heroes to eliminate an enemy.

There’s also plenty of play styles to choose from, including snipers, flankers, and brawlers.

Support or healer heroes are the most important characters in the game. While they can help damage an opponent, their main goal is to prevent their teams from drying.

They are divided into different categories, such as main and flex supports. The main support focuses on healing teammates. Flex support, on the contrary, provides other excellent abilities.

Zenyatta, for example, has a damage output that can rival damage heroes while healing teammates.

Top Healers of 2020

Lucio - A Jack of All Trades

Lucio is a quality hero that every team comp shouldn’t miss. Perfect for pros and beginners, Lucio has knockback secondary fire and survivability. He has a great point of control, too. However, his healing ability is passive. When paired with a hero that excels in healing buffs, Lucio can be a headache to the opponents.

Brigitte - Versatile Support Hero

Labeled as an off-tank by the Overwatch community, Brigitte has a passive healing capability. But she is an aggressive hero and can play better in the front line. For that reason, she can keep pace with the tanks, dish out needed armor, focus on crowd control, and provide defensive assistance.

Brigitte’s knockback abilities and armor make any team secure a fight and reach another battle in no time. She is strong against popular DPS heroes such as Genji and Tracer. She can also compete with Tanks, including Wrecking Ball, Reinhardt, and D.VA.

Zenyatta - Popular for Buffing & Debuffing Ability

Zenyatta has been featured in most of our articles in the past and has remained one of the best healers of 2020. What makes Zenyatta different from others is that he has powerful debuffing and buffing abilities. Popular for ultimate capacity, Zenyatta prevents team wipes while keeping the pace of every game. He has increased immense popularity because of his versatility. He excels at competitive or casual play scenes.

He is strong against Zarya, Lucio, and Mercy. But he is weak against Winston, Roadhog, Reaper, Widowmaker, Soldier:76, Sombra, Genji, and Tracer.

Ana - A High Level of Healing Output

When played accurately, Ana is capable of offering the most healing performance in every fight. She can also provide backline & hits can damage for Pharah, Widowmaker, and other DPS heroes. Her sleep dart serves as an extraordinary cancel for ultimates. This capability can also be an excellent option for a fast and convenient retreat.

She works with Zenyatta, Lucio, and other Overwatch healers. She’s strong against Wrecking Ball, Bastion, Torbjorn, Mercy, Bastion, and more.

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