Best Supports in Overwatch

Overwatch is a game with a lot of unique and diverse heroes on the roster. Though many players prefer to play as a tank and be on the offense for their teams, the influence of a good support character cannot be understated. Support characters provide their team with buffs and assist other characters through these and can sometimes even heal their squadmates. A support character can completely change the outcome of a battle if used correctly. Therfore, with that being said, who are the best support characters in the game?


Ranking the Best Support Characters


Support characters all have their own unique approaches to the game, and because of this, they can change a battle. Some supports are easier to use than others; however, all of them are effective when they have been mastered. If you really like a support's abilities and style of play, it is worth having some patience and learning how to utilize them properly.




The first support character that we recommend is Genji's master Zenyatta. This omnic monk has the ability to heal teammates and also haunt enemies. He launches orbs at his enemies that deal a decent amount of damage when aimed for the head.


When he focuses his energy, he can unleash a flurry of orbs in any direction. Another ability of his allows him to keep an orb on a teammate that continuously heals them, and his ultimate ability enables him to become immune to any damage while healing his team quickly.




Moira is a genius scientist who has the ability to steal health from her enemies and give it to her teammates. She is also equipped with a biotic orb that can be sent to heal squad mates or to decay enemies. The orbs have the ability to bounce around on walls, resulting in sustained effects.


Moira also has the very useful ability to phase in and out of existence, having her enemies wondering where she has gone. Her ultimate ability allows her to blast a focused beam that can heal teammates and damage enemies at the same time. This is a very effective ability when stuck in tight situations.




The freedom fighter Lucio has an upbeat and groovy vibe to him, but don't let this fool you. Through the power of music, he can boost his team's speed while also heal them. This means that he can change the buffs he offers to the team. Lucio has the ability to amplify his music, which increases the buffs he provides to his team. He can also apply these buffs to himself should the need arise.


He also has the ability to quickly traverse buildings and other terrains with his wall skate power. This ability opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for surprise attacks. Lucio's ultimate ability lets him provide his team with massive shields capable of withstanding ultimate attacks. For this reason, he is considered the best support character in the game.


The Bottom Line


By using any of these characters, you can become one of the best support players in the game. Your team is going to be extremely grateful to have you on their side, providing them with all the buffs they need.

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