What is The Rarest Skin In Overwatch

Skins are arguably one of Overwatch’s more critical aspects attributing to its success.


They serve as a way for dedicated players to show off their commitment and style with a particular character, as well as to highlight their support for the OWL team that has earned their following.


Skins make up the majority of the Overwatch in-game economy and keep money flowing through the game. Like any other in-game economy, skins are divided into various rarities. This gives players an incentive to keep paying to get the hottest new outfit and serves as a sort of status symbol for dedicated grinders of the game.


Out of all the rare skins available to players, which is the rarest? Good question so here’s your answer. 


The Rarest Overwatch Skin


Generally speaking, the rarest Overwatch skins are defined not by their drop rate, but by the limited time players had to get them. Having a time limit on skins drastically limits supply compared to droppable skins, while demand only goes up over time. 


It’s these criteria that allow us to identify not one, but a group of the rarest skins that Overwatch has ever seen.


Widowmaker’s Kerrigan Outfit


Blizzard loves its crossovers, and this is all too true in this case of star-crossed lovers. Overwatch meets StarCraft II in this scenario. The rejoiceful cheers of Widowmaker mains everywhere could be heard in response to this announcement.


In March of 2018, Blizzard celebrated the 20th anniversary of StarCraft with a series of crossover events. Overwatch players got the better end of this promotion, with the company allowing players to turn their beloved purple assassin into the equally beloved, not so purple, Kerrigan. 


This version of Kerrigan is before her transformation into the Queen of Blades. Unfortunately, Blizzard didn’t feel like going quite that far with a free skin release. 


What makes the skin rare is the fact that it was only available for the month it was released, disappearing as an active promotion after the time was up. Late players were left lamenting their tardiness, while players who were on the ball got to rub their fancy cosmetics in their friend’s face, and isn’t that what video games are really about at the end of the day?


Although, said boasting might not be entirely justifiable, as all players had to do to get the skin was merely log in during the promotions run-time.


Runner Up: 2016 Olympic Event Skins


Like the Kerrigan skin, these were a series of skins released for a limited time as a celebration of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics of 2016. 


The set featured the likes of Lucio, D.VA, McCree, Genji, and many more. These skins differed in rarities in-game but again were only available for a limited time, which further pushed these rarities through the roof. 


Some of the skins received backlash as being bland and boring, whereas others received universal praise, such as Zarya’s Weightlifter skin. 


It’s worth pointing out that for the Olympics 2020, if Blizzard decides to rehash these old designs (which they might because they’re working on Overwatch II anyways), the value of these skins drops drastically. 

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