Top 5 Heroes Countered by Zarya

Top 5 Heroes Countered by Zarya

If you want a versatility and dependable hero on the field, Zarya is one of the few heroes to choose. Zarya is a tremendous and amazing tank which brings damage to enemies and protection to allies.

Well, support heroes are happy when Zarya is on the field. Why? Heroes can rely on her barrier to defend them in case a high attack arises.

That’s an advantage for a team because Zarya’s abilities lead a team to victory. But your opponent is always on guard to defend his or her team from defeat.

Don’t worry!

Zarya can counter some heroes on the field that leads to your enemy’s downfall.

Players say goodbye to their opponents when Zarya faces the following heroes:


Most players experience a hard time when they face Mei. Well, Mei’s freezing skills and other abilities are terrific in the field. Any player who confronts Mei would have doubts about winning. But, thanks to Zarya’s barriers, Mei’s freezing skills does not affect any team.

The Endothermic Blaster also does not affect Zarya. But Mei is still a difficult opponent if the player who uses Zarya isn’t good.


Some players who face Roadhog experience a hard time defeating him due to his abilities and large HP. Your team will face several deaths if you don’t put Zarya on the field.

Zarya can counter Roadhog’s skills effectively, so don’t worry because your team is safe. Zarya counters everything, including the strongest Chain Hook with her barrier. Hence, Zarya could save other heroes and the team without any hassle.

Junkrat and Torbjorn

If you face these heroes without any defense, say goodbye to victory. Junkrat and Torbjorn are excellent sources of energy caused by the considerable damage they bring to enemies. You might be afraid to face the Frag Launcher and turret.

But with Zarya’s ability, players can defeat Junkrat and Torbjorn. Zarya is effective in countering either a missile launcher or tank.


D. Va is a tough opponent for most players due to her Defense Matrix ability. But victory would be into your favor by using Zarya’s Particle Cannon. The Defense Matrix can’t block the Particle Cannon’s beam, so you’re safe from any attack.

When Zarya is high in energy, she can defeat D.Va in seconds. Zarya’s Particle Barrier blocks easily Micro Missiles that level up her damage to enemies. You can add protection to your team through Zarya’s Projected Barrier. Heroes gain protection through Zarya’s barrier.

But you have to be careful when you use Zarya against D.Va.


D. Va’s Defense Matrix will absorb Zarya’s Graviton Surge if you’re not careful. When this happens, your heroes will die, and you would lose the match. But the situation rarely ever happens unless you’re a newbie player.

 Keep in mind to use Zarya’s skills effectively so that you have the edge in the game. Players who know and understand Zarya’s abilities make strategies that benefit the whole team. Who knows, you would think about new strategies when you use Zarya in your next match.

Remember to focus on the heroes she can count, and the upper hand is yours.



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