What Is Fight Momentum?

Playing the Overwatch League requires many strategic elements to ensure that you gain your spot to the best stats of the game. One of its concepts that requires proper understanding is the fight momentum. Although it has been part of the game, it was also an uncovered topic, and many are longing to discover what it is and what it can do to the overall performance of your game.


The fight momentum is a more advanced concept of the Overwatch League. It allows not only the players but the analysts as well to identify the strategical approach of each team and matches that play a significant role in the game. In other words, it helps determine which of the two squads is in the best position who can gain the advantage.


Whether your team is positioned strategically or mechanically, the other side can take advantage of it when you put yourself in a wrong position. To alter this mistake, your team has to find a better way to escape from that situation. Most often, players do it by sacrificing a major ultimate.


Imagine that you are in a fight. You have to use Hanzo’s Dragonstrike to urge your enemy to sacrifice their position to control or avoid your incoming damage.  However, if your enemy won’t sacrifice his position, he can unleash Lucio’s Sound Barrier to prevent your attack. You must also take note that the support ultimate must be available first before the initiating team can utilize another offensive ultimate. It is worth noting that there is another way for the team to take advantage of the fight momentum. The enemy can also try the Projected Barrier by Zarya or forward pressure positioning to avoid the damage.


The fight momentum concept was seen in several historical fights such as the game between Shanghai Dragons vs. Los Angeles Valiant’s King Row. The latter utilized both the Indy “Space” Halpern’s Self-Destruct and Brady “Agilities” Girardi’s Dragonstrike to push themselves to the narrow point. This move forced the Dragons to leave their defensive position. Both the ultimates weren’t used at that time since their potential to damage was relatively small. This action allowed Valiant to win while Dragons had no choice but to retreat.


Now that you already know the use of fight momentum try to apply it to your own game. Let it be your tool to achieve victory!

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