Most Played Hero in Overwatch

Overwatch is a character-driven competitive first-person shooter developed by gaming giant Blizzard. 


Gameplay revolves around the tactical use of unique character abilities to influence the flow of battle, outwit your opponents, and eventually win the match.


Each Overwatch hero is unique; no two are the same. From appearance and personality to skills and uses, every hero shines and excels in different scenarios. 


Given this expansive and diverse roster, some heroes are bound to be stronger than others, and some a lot stronger. 


Since the beginning, Blizzard has had a hard time balancing its heroes. At first, it was Bastion, the nature-loving, lead spewing, Gatling turret wielding robot. His reign ended shortly after it began, but there has never been a shortage of broken heroes eager to take the meta king’s place.


Moira – Queen of The Hill


At the moment, Moira is arguably the strongest hero in overwatch, and as a result, the most played. She is the bane of many a player’s existences and has a current pick rate of 11.74%, nearly a whopping 5% higher than second place.


Her win rate stands at 51.29%, and for a character picked that much, that’s very, very good. 


Moira’s abilities consist of effects influencing a unique biotic mechanic. She can build up this biotic energy, then dispense it to heal her allies. She also has a lot of other things going for her including the following:


  • RMB - Biotic Grasp: Moira fires a ranged beam attack that deals constant damage to enemies, while also healing herself and building up biotic energy. It deals 50 damage per second and heals 20 health per second. It builds up 18.8 biotic energy per second. 


  • LMB – Biotic Grasp: Moira fires a projectile like beam that heals allies at the cost of biotic energy. It heals 65 health per second and lingers for four seconds, healing an additional 65 health. It also regenerates 4.32 it energy per second while not in use, and costs 180 biotic energy to cast. 


  • E – Biotic Orb: Moira fires a projectile orb that bounces off walls, either healing teammates or damaging enemies that it goes through. These abilities are toggled; however, not both active at the same time. It deals 50 damage per second for up to four seconds and heals 65 health per second for up to four seconds. 


  • Shift – Fade: Moira’s Fade ability makes her immune to damage and gives her a speed increase. It can be used to dispel damage over time and status effects, and escape abilities like Graviton Surge. Moira is invisible for the duration of the effect and can still pick up health packs. It lasts for 0.8 seconds and gives a speed buff of 250%.


  • Ultimate – Coalescence: Moira fires a long-range beam that damages enemies, bypasses barriers, and heals allies. It deals 70 damage per second and 140 health per second on teammates. It also self-heals for 50 per second and grants a 50% speed buff. It lasts eight seconds and costs 2380 ultimate charge. Moira generates 1% ultimate charge every five seconds.

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