Why Play Overwatch Over Other Esports?

The world of Esports is quickly becoming an oversaturated market. There are dozens of titles all vying for viewership these days, and players cannot commit to all of them.


I would say each is unique, but that would be untrue. Many of Esport's most known titles are actually criminally similar to one another in style and gameplay (Think DoTA and LoL). Overwatch, on the other hand, has the privilege of being able to say that it is entirely unique in style and gameplay. 


If you've narrowed it down and decided that you want to go with a first-person shooter, then your choices are Overwatch, Call of Duty, and CSGO. Of course, there are others you can play, but none come close to the popularity of these three.


So why Overwatch? What it has on CoD is consistency and personality. Call of Duty is a fairly cookie-cutter, run of the mill shooter. You play a nameless and personality-less charisma vacuum, capturing objectives and shooting at the enemy.


It is a faster game than CSGO and Overwatch, but for some, it may be too fast. Overwatch has a more balanced pace, and an infinitely greater amount of style. 


What about CSGO? Well, as I wrote, CSGO is a very slow-paced game. There are no respawns per round, so your life is worth far more than in other titles. This means lengthier gameplay that can drag and bore, whereas Overwatch, with its unique abilities, never fails to excite each game.


CSGO is also more strategic than tactical. Often the best team's success hinges on pre-match preparation, their strategies, and how they implement them against certain opponents. Overwatch has a much more tactical feel to it. Being able to adapt mid-game is exponentially more important. 


Say though that you decided you were going to go with a MOBA or Overwatch, on account of ability focused gameplay, why Overwatch?


Well, the most significant difference is obvious. If you have a leaning towards shooters, then your choice is already made for you. The other big advantage it has is its heroes. 


Sure DoTA and LoL have very well designed and exciting champions, but none come close to having the sheer level of personality that many Overwatch heroes do. 


If you remember when Overwatch first came out, the fandoms that developed around certain characters was and still is, enormous. We're talking levels that champions from both DoTA and LoL have never even come close to seeing. 


With that comes the ability a tell more in-depth stories. Overwatch has a richer story than the other two, despite not actually having a story mode. With such an impressive cast, it was only right that Blizzard created a worthy world for them to populate.


To say they delivered would be an understatement. The Overwatch world is full of complex moral dilemma and history that is all wrapped up in a stunning visual style. 


On top of that, this depth extends to heroes backstories, with many of them having lengthy alternative media for you to peruse if you feel like it. 

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