Best Support Heroes to use in Overwatch

If you are an active Overwatch player, there are different positions or roles each player has. There are the tanks, the main hero and the support. Each of them carries different purposes on the field. In terms of the support, their main role is to keep the whole team alive. As for the word, support, they support almost all the team, they are sort of the right hand of the hero. It is quite amazing that all members of the team tend to make the work go so smooth. The supporting character of the game is made for boosting up damage, healing, and even putting some traps for the enemy.

Every support heroes in Overwatch have its specific strengths. They are chosen to blend in the team equally. The support will usually base on the other heroes present in the team, whether they should contain healing powers or other abilities. Once they have made the right decision of the kind of hero they are going to use, they can now be able to play the game productively.

Here are some Support Heroes that you might want using:



Brigitte is best for frontline presence. Although she is a support, she is more of an off-tank than a healer. She is best to use with corresponding heroes like Reinhardt and Zarya. In addition, she has an ability to armor her allies during the game. That is why she is one of the best support to use.




Zenyatta’s best ability is for buffing and debuffing. He is an incredible character to wipe out a pace of the land in the game. Zenyatta is really a popular character to use for support. He is very versatile. Previously, he is being upgraded from his character for something new and powerful.




Mercy is best for her damage to boost abilities. Other than that, she also has healing capabilities in the game. Her damage synergizes well with DPS heroes. Mercy allows the enemies to have more significant damage than other support characters.




Moira is one of the best support characters to use if you are looking for healing powers. Other than that, mercy is also good for damage-dealing abilities. She is really quite a powerful character to use. She can use her healing powers to burst into an area on the game. In addition, she can also act fast whenever she is in trouble, and she can flee in just a blink of an eye. Some say that Mercy is the counterpart character of Zenyatta in terms of skills.




Currently, Ana is one of the most picked support characters to use in Overwatch. She is best to use in the competitive scenes, like other support characters, she both manipulate healing and fighting ability in the field. Although she is not into her peak of its strength, she still can extend her skills, specially to last longer when her enemies are tanks.

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