The Story of Genji and Hanzo

After the end of the Omnic Crisis, Overwatch transformed into a peacekeeping force. The organization became responsible for carrying out strikes against various terrorist and criminal threats.


Hanzo and Genji are brothers from the Shimada Clan. Operating in Hanamura, the Shimada Clan is a prestigious and old clan that has evolved into an organization with a criminal empire spanning the globe over.


Members of The Shimada Clan are trained from birth to excel at fighting and master weaponry. These operatives would then carry out the clan’s various wealth-building activities, including the likes of drug smuggling, weapons trafficking, and assassination. 


The leadership of The Shimada Clan is hereditary. When a leader dies, his eldest son inherits his position and the responsibilities that come with it. 


This brings us to Hanzo and Genji. Hanzo was set to inherit leadership once his father died, being the eldest of the two. 


Hanzo proved himself to be capable of leadership from a very young age. As a child, he excelled in anything he trained at. Proving himself a capable leader, tactician, and strategist, Hanzo also mastered the sword and bow, as well as various martial arts. 


Hanzo was groomed for his role and accepted it eagerly. Genji, on the other hand, while also excelling in his studies, found no pleasure in caring for the family business. He enjoyed his life of privilege, content in having his brother lead instead of him. 


After their father died, Hanzo stepped up and assumed leadership. The clan’s elders were wary of Genji’s carefree attitude during this time and asked Hanzo to straighten him out and make him assist in the clan’s leadership.


Hanzo knowing he had no choice, obliged. Of course, Genji refused outright, and the eldest of the two brothers found himself stuck between a rock and a hard place. 


The pressure from the clan elders on one side, and his brother, on the other, eventually grew to a boiling point. 


Hanzo and Genji fought, and at the end of it, Hanzo emerged the victor, having killed his brother. 


Overcome with grief for what he had done, Hanzo left the clan. He began to travel the world, searching for a way to atone for his sins. 


Little did Hanzo know, however, that Genji was not dead. He was found by Mercy and brought back to Overwatch. They had been watching the Shimada clan’s activities for some time and felt he would be an asset if he could be brought back from the brink.


They made an offer to Genji, they save his life, and in exchange, he helps them take down The Shimada Clan. He agreed.


At this point, the scientists of Overwatch began to rebuild his body, enhancing it with cybernetics.


Once again active, Genji was a lethal force. The Shimada Clan was defeated in a short time, and Genji left Overwatch.


Genji was disgusted at his new robotic body and felt he was no longer truly human. This was when he came upon Zenyatta, who took him under his wing as a mentor. 

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