Why Overwatch Became Very Popular?

In just a few years of existence, Overwatch rapidly one of the most played MOBA games. Do you want to know the reasons why? Then keep on reading.

Blizzard: Overwatch is offered by Blizzard who has a remarkable reputation for creating good games. This company has a massive player base prior even before the release of Overwatch. A lot of people this game as it is Blizzard.

It is a combination of conventional FPS Game and some features of MOBA. This is extremely clever because their gamers account for virtually 99.9 percent of all. That is a huge market. Some are gamers loyal to FPS and gamers who love using diverse heroes with diverse powers. Overwatch smartly hybridize elements from conventional FPS with diverse heroes that successfully cater the demand from both groups of players.  Like for instance,  if you are a loyal player of FPS and you play Counter-Strike, and you don’t like LOL at all. But, you feel cool about Overwatch because you still call it FPS. For the meantime, for people playing LOL, still, they can feel at home because the heroes or characters still have different powers and ultimates. It’s a remarkable combination.

Transition made for newbie players. For a lot of players, this game is new to them because it is like what they used to play however not precisely the same. The maker knows it, so now they have characters like Bastion, Soldier 76 as well as Widowmaker as beginners. This is intended for players who used to play FPA more often. There are also heroes like Genji for players who used to play Dota and LOL. The rest of the characters are somewhere in the average gamers.

Fair Game: Overwatch is an extremely renowned game among Chinese players because normal gamers get exhausted with rich players who purchase a lot of state of the art weapons and win the match easily. In Overwatch, each hero has its weakness and strength. You cannot win a fight alone because each hero has to make up for others weakness and to be helped by others. This keeps this game fair as well as enjoying.

This game gained momentum because of the bandwagon effect. A bandwagon is when something becomes trendy, a lot of people will be fascinated simply all is doing it. In the case of Overwatch, it became very popular, and that is when a lot of gamers are fascinated because they do not want to be left behind in the trend.

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