Overwatch League 2019 Season Primer

Every Overwatch League fanatic is always excited to see some improvements that are going to happen on this favorite e-sport. It never fails to entice us every time it introduces some new changes. Now that we are heading towards another season, we also want to reveal the big happenings and events that we can expect this year ahead.


Season Pass


If you are torn between work and watching your favorite Overwatch League matches, you don’t have to worry because you can purchase a Season Pass to ensure that you stay on top of the viewing experience. Aside from this opportunity, you will also receive special privileges such as early access to Blizzard Arena where you will be allowed to gain a dedicated entrance 10 minutes before the gates open, a Soldier: 76 statue signed by your favorite team, a tour at the backstage, early access to buy Grand Finals tickets, and get prioritized for all team signings.


Overwatch League Live on TV!


Viewing a selection of Overwatch League matches are delivered straight at the comfort of your home! You can watch your favorite team as it battles with other prominent squads on ESPN, Disney, XD, and ABC networks. There is also a live viewing experience on overwatchleague.com, Twitch channel, MLG app, MLG.com, and Overwatch League app.


Friends and Family Fridays


Throughout the 2019 season, you can purchase a Friends and Family package on eight Fridays at $88. This ticket includes whooping surprises that would surely make your entire family enjoy the day. With that offer, get two orders of nachos, four drinks, and four tickets. Make sure that you buy a ticket before it lasts because this package is only limited.


Pick 6


Great news for all Overwatch fans! You can now customize and have your favorite team be featured on the six-game package. This deal also includes the team signing date of your chosen team. Aside from this offer, each team will also be featured once during the post-team signing in this season. It is also a free opportunity for all fans.


Another awaited moment in this year is the prices that will be given away. The prize pool for the 2018 season has reached up to $3.5 million but has increased up to $5 million this 2019 season. Take note of these big events and happenings this year and get yourself prepared as the new season strikes!

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