Echo – An Overwatch Hero Turned into an Enemy

Echo is a hero that was designed by Dr. Mina Liao, who is one of the founders of Overwatch. The said hero is considered to be an “adaptive artificial intelligence” that is capable of damaging the enemy. Its versatility is enough to win the game and play its combat roles on the battlefield.

Echo is a hero that is capable of gliding while falling, freely fly and, if it is needed, it can surge forward. Tri-Shot is the initial attack that can be given to the field. This attack produces triangular three shots. It also comes with a Sticky Bomb, which will enable the said hero to create a set of adhesive projectiles that will burst after a short time.

Aside from that, one of the things that you will surely love about this Overwatch hero is that it comes with the Focusing Beam. This feature is capable of dealing with greater damages to the barriers that have health half lesser than theirs. Another thing that makes this hero unique is its ability to duplicate.

The duplicate feature of the Echo will enable any team members to be part of the team of the opponents. In connection with that, they are now capable of earning different skills, which include the upgraded ultimate versions of the enemy. According to the latest developer update of Overwatch, these duplicates have distinct characteristics when compared to the real heroes. But the thing is that they can play the game for quite a long time.

According to Jeff Kaplan of Blizzard, Echo might have a balanced back, and only insofar her powers proved extremely high while the PTR testing is being done. As a result, it can be used by the Overwatch players who are playing the game these days. Kaplan also stated that the time needed for bug, balance, and test would create a new hero in Overwatch. This only means that the Echo can stay on the PTR for quite a more extended time.

On the other hand, the real story behind the general and more powerful artificial intelligence of Echo came from the observations conducted by its developer. After a longer hour of being in the presence of the scientist, most of the behaviors of its developers were adopted by the hero, which include her speech.

When the developer was killed on the facility of Overwatch, the leadership of the said game was quite averse in continuing to pursue this kind of dangerous project. After that, the Echo’s development starts to decline. After Echo was shut down, it was put into quarantine. After of few months in the quarantine, Echo was back with extremely high capabilities, which include the ability to duplicate.

In general, Echo comes with numerous layers of security, failsafe, and protection to ensure that the hero is controllable. Even though it can be switched into an enemy, you can only use it for a short period only. This only means that the skills that it can get from the opponent’s team can be used for a short time.

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