Guides In Using Zarya During A Gameplay

If you are a newbie in Overwatch, one of the heroes that you should get to learn is the tank hero Zarya. You will surely have a great strategy and learnings in using her. You will also get to enjoy her powerful personal barrier to use. As you will be able to convert the incoming damage as to be your energy and into a massive particle for the cannon. And this makes Zarya one of the invaluable assets in the gameplay and as a front liner.

Zarya’s primary weapon is her Particle cannon. This cannon has constant beam energy that has a medium-range in law damage but is good enough option. Her secondary weapon is the Particle Grenade. It has an extended range of arcing ball that creates a significant impact when the energy explodes. Its shift is the particle barrier that makes a shield around her and is absorbing a decent amount of damage.  Before it is scattered, a bit of the cost will be absorbed and will power up the weapon.

 Zarya also have the ability of a projected barrier that will be placed in the targeted team. Zarya’s ultimate power is the graviton Surge. It is a powerful grenade that drags all the enemies around it that are there in the location for a few seconds before it is detonated. Zarya also have passive energy that powers up her cannon and grenade when it absorbed damage. It can drain over time, but it makes up to 100.

The heroes that Zarya as the chance to win is:

  • Soldier 76

The bubbles counteract of Zarya can have the opportunity to eliminate Soldier 76

  • Genji

Zarya can go against Genji but will have difficulty in stopping Zarya to counter.

  • Winston

What Winston can, such as attacks, are natural can be absorbed by Zarya. So, typically it will be useless for Winston to battle with her. Also, Zarya has more damage than Winston in any type of range.

The heroes that Zarya wouldn’t go against on:

  • Pharah

Zarya has the chance to win against Pharah, only if Pharah magically appears on the ground.

  • Bastion

Bastion can quickly eliminate Zarya through. It can power up trough Zarya’s shield easily. Through it, Winston can quickly kill Zarya up close.

  • Reinhardt

Through the shield of Reinhardt, it automatically stops everything that Zarya does. So, Zarya is no match with him, and she can die automatically as Reinhardt counteract.

Well, as you will notice, there are some heroes that Zarya can win and some that he can be loose. Whichever hero he may battle with, it is advised that you get to learn or be an expert in the very strategy that you can do in winning in the gameplay. Because not all of the firm can and will be forever stable, there will be times that it can be weak.  So, it will be a matter of perfect timing and the right strategy for you to win.

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