Sigma: Another Evil Scientist Hero in Overwatch

Sigma is the latest new character of Overwatch. After the first new release of the new character, Baptiste on Spring, here comes Sigma with unique skills. Baptiste is best as a supporting character, and its primary skill is as a healer. After him, Sigma was a counterpart of the character of Baptiste since he is a tank.

About Sigma

Sigma is a scientist. According to the description of his character, he is 62 years old that came from the Netherlands. The highlight of his skill is that he can be able to manipulate gravity. There was a background of how he arrived at that power. It was mentioned that he was a scientist; his power was an outcome after his experiment. An evil scientist in the form of a hero in the game.

Other than gravitational manipulation, here are some of his other powers or special skills.

•    Hyper Spheres – these are made up of two gravitic charges. As a form of spheres and once released, it will make big implosion. The duration is only on a short period but creates massive damage to the area and the enemy.

•    Experimental Barrier – this is in the form of floating Barrier. This lets him teleport any time to another barrier. This is very useful in assisting other teammates from damage. Up to the test of the PTR, it has said that the experimental Barrier can block attacks up to 1,500 damage.

•    Kinetic Grasp – this shield him from the attacks of the enemies. The attacks or projectiles becomes a shield. The fun thing about this skill is that the attack damage can add to the strength of the shield. This skill is invincible. It

•    Accretion – this skill allows him to gather debris that comes on his area for attacking the enemies. This skill is preferably useful in knocking down enemies such as Tracer or Sombra since they are more elusive.

•    Gravitic Flux – this is the ultimate skill of Sigma. This lets him manipulate gravity that makes the enemies float in the air then slam them down after.

As stated, Stigma is preferred to be a main tank in the team. Its abilities to fit in the role. But there are other roles that Stigma can possess, such as for damage.

In conclusion, Stigma is a perfect character. But still, the performance will reflect on the user or player. You can try out other skills to play the role of Stigma fully. He is a compelling character, and you can just quickly become invincible with proper training and of course, skills to use this character. If you happen to be a person who is not much of a tanker, you can still use Stigma as for damage and for healing. The best part about Stigma is that he is very convenient and flexible to use. His skills do not end there. For booster, there is no present booster for Stigma. You can check out this page for updates.

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