Tips and Tricks in Blocking Enemies in an Overwatch Game

One great tactic you can use in overwatch boost is blocking an enemy. Remember: you don’t only use offense and defense as your strategy. You have to fool the enemy that you’re already powerless. But the truth is you’re only waiting to attack the enemy. It’s a good move for you to get even with the other team to assure success is within your reach.

Players need to be mindful of the right moves for them to secure the blocking techniques. What are the excellent blocking techniques you can do?

Don’t Go to the Obvious

You have to let the other team see that you’re not on guard. You do this by dropping some of your team’s shield during the battle phase. But, don’t forget to stay alert in case of any possible damage that might come to you.

When the enemy is about to attack, you hold your shield in an instant. Of course, your enemies would be surprised with this move. But, you have to stick to your goals. Don’t let your plans be wasted.

Block then Attack

Experienced players result to block and attack techniques to defeat their enemies. Your enemies would know this but don’t let it distract you. You focus on the attacks of your heroes. Then, you wait for the moment to strike. Don’t forget the basics of the game because you would need it.

One excellent thing you can do is let the enemy advanced of the field. Then, you move one step back to secure the attack you’re going to make. You make a quick move to prevent the other team to make more attacks.

Use Weapons While Blocking 

Your overwatch boost plan won't be complete if you’re not going to use weapons in your arsenal. If you need to attack and defend at the same time, then you do it. You need to make sure your team wouldn’t be affected by the attacks you would make.

Take note: you block your enemy but don’t forget to do great damage to them. Why? It gives you a winning advantage you would be proud to have. For most players, it’s a good way to advance to other ranks of the game.

Thus, are you ready for the big challenge of your life? You play overwatch boosting today and see the great things you can accomplish. Feel the satisfaction that puts you on the top of the playing field. Come now and play the game! Enjoy it and win matches!

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