Overwatch Quick Play

From the tons of video games that you have played, quitting a game is hard. This is especially true to those that are composed of teams, are those types that are hard to exit. You already know that if you suddenly leave the game, your team will be most likely to lose. Those were for the team games, but what if you are playing one player vs. one player only? Well, depending on the game that you are playing, some games don’t allow any player to exit the game. The player needs to complete the stages of the game to be fully permitted to leave.

Leaving a game doesn’t mean you don’t like it anymore – you may just simply been bored. While other games don’t have this option, well, Overwatch has this particular play mode.

Quick Play - Overwatch’s Play Mode

Overwatch Quick Play refers to one of the play modes of this game. Through this mode, it allows every player to refrain from spending so much time on a single game as they might just leave it after a match, any time. The great thing about this game mode is that even if you didn’t finish the match or the set of defenses or attacks required, you can still easily exit from it. Furthermore, in other games, your team or your character might be incurring low points or having been banned from the game.

Well, with Overwatch, that will never happen as if you have repeatedly left the said match, you will still need to pay the temporary -75% XP penalty. The empty spaces that are caused by leavers like you will be backfilled. As long as the server is keeping twelve groups together, the game continues, or the server will require a restart. Sometimes, the restart will happen if there are already too many players that left the match.

 A re-balance will only happen after both teams have played their part in being the defense and attack. If it is in the case of control maps, re-balance will only occur after the match has finished.

Addressing the Backfill Problem

While others have quickly joined and exited the match because of this game mode, it is not a good thing for others. Backfills had been an old issue underlying this game mode. While it may be a blessing to other players, it is quite disappointing for others who have been waiting for a long time just to play one of those in-demand classes such as damage. When it’s your turn, you will only get surprised that you have been dropped from the match, or when you were just added, you were just left with a “defeat” on the screen. How exciting is that? Quite frustrating, indeed!

But Blizzard had tried to solve this long-time issue by adding role queues. While it may be deemed created to solve the problem, some say it just makes things worse. According to game director Jeff Kaplan, the backfill is not going away anywhere – it is here to stay as we can’t eliminate it. Why? Well, this is still around because of how game modes were created and functions.

But, the dev team have been definitely working on it and will apply the most suitable fix. Apart from it will solve the issue; it will also prevent players from experiencing it again. Even if you switch roles, you won’t be experiencing backfills again.

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