Rank System of Overwatch

As everyone knows, the rating system of the online game, Overwatch is gone through a thorough overhaul from the very beginning. And in this article, we will give you the ideas on how the present competitive system of Overwatch works.

The Mechanics of Losing and Gaining Your Skill Ratings

Several aspects can contribute an impact for you to lose or gain the skill ratings that you can play in Overwatch: Competitive Mode. The main goal of Blizzard, which is the creator of Overwatch, is to give help to the gamers to increase their rankings even faster and promote continuous practice or play.

The following are some of the aspects that impact your skill rating when you play the competitive gaming session. Read on to know more about it.

Skill Rating Decay

Did you see some changes in the rating of your skills? Is it like gradually creeping downward? Well, that is what we call “Skill Rating Decay.” It is like you tend to lose for about 50% of your skill percentage every day within the initial time of one week. Only those gamers who ranked as the Grandmaster and Master can experience this game scenario. For you to avoid Skill Rating Decay, you need to play a single session daily, meaning seven times weekly.

Fair Game

Is your group considered as the “underdog” of the match? Is yes, your team has the chance to increase the skill rating, and tends to decrease if you lose the session. And this is an opposite scenario for those teams that are considered as “overdogs.” They will gain lesser if they win and more if they lose.

Consecutive Losses and Wins

After changing the features of losing and winning streak system by Blizzard, this is a more difficult aspect compared to others. You can only get the large gain in skill rating when you win the 20 games consecutively. But, in some cases, your skill percentage will remain the same even you win 20 consecutive games.

Individual Performance

If you play the competitive mode better, you can ensure that your SR will also increase. You can determine this by checking the medals that you gain after winning some competitive matches. Your coins that are ranging from Bronze to Gold, they signify how good your performance in the game is.

Group and Party Restrictions

Blizzard includes this Group and Party Restrictions for the players will not be included in the team without the restrictions in terms of rankings. Because of the change happened, it will give you a hard time to group yourself with the others when you have a very low skill percentage. It is also hard for you to look for your perfectly -match partner.

Ranked Rewards and Competitive Points

For the previous features, you can only gain some points if you win and finish the match. You can get e in every tie or draw and 10 CP in every triumph. And at this moment, you can now utilize these points in purchasing Golden Weapons that can be used by your chosen heroes.

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