Overwatch: Updates and Events You Should Know

Blizzard is fond of relaunching seasonal events of Overwatch. These include Halloween Terror, Lunar New Year, and Summer Games. With the release of these special events, there’s new content to expect along the way.

So, are there updates and events you should know? Read on for further details!

Overwatch Events

Overwatch’s Lunar New Year recently ended, and players enjoyed a new set of cosmetics. That’s not all! In mid-April, there will be Lunar New Year festivities for different fans around the world.

In 2019, Blizzard Entertainment announced that it was developing Overwatch’s sequel. Then, they released a short trailer for the game. The developer also included details about the new PvP mode and story-based campaigns.

What to Expect from the Sequel?

Overwatch’s newest version features a quality engine and a more innovative look for the base game’s heroes. It also introduces new maps you shouldn’t miss.

New Heroes - In addition to quality and new game modes, Overwatch 2 is equipped with multiple heroes. Sojourn, Echo, and other heroes were featured at BlizzCon. Echo, for example, appeared in the sequel’s trailer and fought with the game’s beloved cast.

Blizzard, however, remained tight-lipped about the hero. Jeff Kaplan, the game’s lead director, confirmed Sojourn (a second hero) as a new character.

Like Echo, Sojourn appeared in a trailer. The video showed her role in the sequel, aside from her abilities.

Hero Pools - Earlier this year, Blizzard confirmed Hero Pools, a new Overwatch feature that would be available in March. How does it work? Well, the feature is designed to disable a number of heroes. Then, the design team will decide the selection of additional heroes.

What’s the purpose of Hero Pools? The lead game director Jeff Kaplan said that the new features would help move players off of the meta. Or Hero Pool would prevent Overwatch players from stagnating on a specific meta for hours.

With new heroes to expect every week, team compositions will change often. While this process can be a disadvantage, it provides players an opportunity to try other effective strategies throughout the season. Plus, it’s a perfect chance for enthusiasts to grow as a player.

When will Hero Pools be available? Well, it will happen during the game’s season 21. It will also launch on live serves in March. Unfortunately, the feature won’t be included in quickplay, and Arcade modes.


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