Best Overwatch Heroes for Starters

So, you have already downloaded the Overwatch. In connection with that, you have realized one thing. There are lots of heroes present in the said game. Each one of them will provide you with different skills and capabilities. The game that was launched by Blizzard is a type of team-based hero shooter game. The said game is all about creating a perfect and adaptable team.

The problem is that choosing the best heroes that you can use in playing the game is quite hard. This is always true if you are just a starter. But there is nothing for you to worry about at all. This is mainly because I am going to provide you with the best heroes of Overwatch that you can use as a beginner. Learning the skills of each Overwatch hero is quite hard, but that is not a big problem at all.

Overwatch is a game that is being played by most of the individuals in every corner of the world. Even if you are a girl, or a boy, or a teen, or an adult, you are free to download and play this game. But for some players, choosing the best hero that they can use is quite hard. That’s why I have collected some of the best heroes that are perfect to be used by the beginners. So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading and enjoy!

Soldier: 76

If you are a beginner, Soldier: 76 is a good choice of hero. This is because he comes with the ability to heal himself; he can also sprint and features mid-range of weapons. Aside from that, its special weapons can be used easily. The only thing that you need to do is to place its helix rockets on your target and then fire.


Reinhardt is one of the few heroes that are hard to get rid of the battlefield. That is the main reason why I include this hero for the best overwatch heroes for starters like you. One of the things that you might encounter in playing this hero is that he is not good when it comes to offenses. For starters, this hero is very important because of his shield skills. But this might be useless, not unless you already reached a higher level of the game, wherein lots of opponents are firing at you.


There are lots of players who hate Bastion, except you. This is because you are Bastion. The major selling point of the said hero is its skills in turning into a stationary and high damaging turret. He is well-equipped for defense. He is very good when it comes to the offense. But it will just benefit you if you start and learn how to move around the map. He is a hero that is not so powerful and strong. But you can use it as the support character on the battlefield. This is also a hero that will help you to master your roaming while searching for new opportunities and angles for verticality.

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