Overwatch: A Story Guide to Mercy

Mercy, real name Angela Ziegler, was born in Switzerland. 


From a young age, she proved herself to be a medical prodigy, deciding to study the craft, eventually earning her MD and Ph.D.


Soon after finishing her studies, Ziegler rose through the ranks of a prominent Swiss hospital, where she quickly became head surgeon. 


It was here that she began her research into applied nanobiology, eventually leading to a revolutionizing breakthrough with regards to terminal illnesses. This discovery attracted the attention of Overwatch.


Forever a pacifist, Ziegler was strictly opposed to Overwatch’s aggressive approach to peacekeeping. However, after much deliberation, she decided that with Overwatch she would be able to save many more lives. She joined the organization as their head of medical research.


Together along with her team, Ziegler developed the iconic Valkyrie swift-response suit, which she often chose to piolet herself. 


Despite her position of authority in the team, Mercy was at constant odds with the rest of the unit. A primary example of this is her grievances over the development of the biotic rifle. 


While Overwatch maintained that the rifle’s only function was to heal, Mercy felt that this was the start of a slippery slope for Overwatch. She believed this development would lead to the eventual weaponization of biotic technology. She believed this so much that she only agreed to work on the technology under the guarantee that it would not be used offensively. 


Mercy was one of the operatives that took part in the unsanctioned mission to suppress the King’s Row uprising. She was arguably the catalyst for the strike going ahead, arguing with Overwatch commander Morrison about the English Prime Minister banning Overwatch activity in the country. 


She was worried for the thousands of injured civilians in the city and claimed that Overwatch was meant to help people, not sit on the sidelines. This, combined with Tracer’s inspirational words, spurred Morrison to greenlight the mission. 


Mercy was also present for the Havana operation in which Overwatch apprehended Talon accountant Maximilien. The success of this mission brought about the strike on Doomfist in Singapore; however, Mercy was not sent on this operation as well. 


During the fall of Overwatch, Mercy was one of the members interrogated by the United Nations. It was here where she told the world of the conflict between Reyes and Morrison and believed that this outcome was an inevitability. 


After Overwatch’s downfall, Mercy traveled the world, helping those injured during the war. Despite having access to limited, inferior technology and equipment, Zeigler done what she can for the civilians caught in the crossfire.


She brought her Valkyrie suit with her, often donning it when needing to provide relief to those in an active hot zone. 


After Winston issued the Overwatch recall order, Mercy was unsure whether or not the organization should be restored. Working in the middle east in a medical facility, she remained conflicted and remained where she was to finish out her medical work. 


However, this attitude changed when Null Sector attacked Paris. Mercy was one of the operatives to rally in defense of the city. This marked her return to the fold as a member of the new Overwatch. 


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