Reasons for You to Be Excited About Playing Overwatch 2

The long wait is over, and the game is not yet over because overwatch 2 is here.  Yes, indeed, overwatch two had already begun, and there are lots of a must to try and enjoy.

As what have the Blizzard had announced, there will be an overwatch2. Players should anticipate it because they will give a more exciting sequel of the overwatch one. During the trailer of the overwatch 2, it has moved the story forward as the heroes and overwatch team have been disbanded. The story in the overwatch two features the reunion of the heroes and the Overwatch team.

And this is one of the reasons why the overwatch 2 is a fascinating one.  Well, the new season is very different to the overwatch one. The original game only focuses on the combat game, while in the new season, it focuses on the battling side. And that a PVP or player versus player is there.  Other than battling against another team. Here are the following things that are also included.

  • Team versus team

This will allow you and others to team up and create another team for the coop mission in the gameplay.

  • New Map Type which is a PUSH

The next one is having a new map type; it is called the PUSH. This is being added as every team will battle for the overall control of the robot. These robots start in the central location, and then the teams will battle to push the robots to the opponent’s area or base. 

  • Missions

There will also be a new hero and story missions in the overwatch 2.  These missions will surely make the game more exciting. There will also be an ever-changing scene that has a wide range of diverse and battles to win in the game.

  • New Map

Another new and exciting to the overwatch 2 is its new maps. There are three new ones, namely Gothenburg, Toronto, and the Monte Carlo.

  • Accomplishments

In terms of the achievements that you have done from the overwatch. Well, all of it will be transferred or that you can still use it in the overwatch 2. So, your skins, icons, emotes, sprays, and more are still there and usable.

Well, it is based on the things that are included in the list for the overwatch 2. Surely, players will have much more fun for this. A new battle and story that makes our heroes and overwatch team to be reunited as one. Together in fighting against the robots and for the people and to the world. The overwatch 2 provides its players a more reason to be excited. Also, to have a better gameplay experience as they also improve all the things that the overwatch lack on.

So, if you are an overwatch player, you better get ready in the new overwatch season and for the more exciting updates, and upgrades. Surely, there will be many more features and missions that you will get to enjoy.

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