Overwatch - Why Is Overwatch so Toxic?

Overwatch - Why Is Overwatch so Toxic?

It’s hard not to get invested in Overwatch. The team oriented first-person shooter game is built on emotion as you spend your time and energy playing your favorite characters and building the ultimate team. Because of this, the online community has become known for their trolling and venom spewing when someone sees something they don’t agree with. It’s to the point now that Overwatch has been considered toxic for many. It’s a dangerous game to play. The horrible behavior has the potential of taking down the Overwatch community for good.

Player Behavior

If you play Overwatch for just a few minutes online, you are hit with a barrage of players whose main purpose seems to be running all others out of the room. Player behavior has been an issue for a long time to the point where it has even affected the game’s creators.

The Overwatch developers are quite aware of the heavy presence of online trolls in their community and have been forced to take the issue as top priority. With their efforts focused here, they have had to put their core work aside. That means they can’t work on bonus content, features, or anything else that can enhance gaming experience. It’s not something they had anticipated having to take on. They now have to dole out punishments if a gamer is reported. Suspension of playing is now an option.

A Toxic Swamp

These toxic players verbally attack beginners for their lack of gaming experience, they go after anyone who makes a mistake during the game—nothing is off limits. It has gotten so bad, that some players have refused to play online until the issues are firmly addressed.

The toxic players know that they are cloaked in anonymity, so it’s easy for them to continue what they do. Spreading negativity has taken off in the community, and now players are weary to even begin a game with others who they don’t know. Bad behavior needs to be punished before the game loses its popularity in the gaming world.

Players need to band together and start reporting toxic players. Showing solidarity is the only way to get rid of the bad behavior. Video games are made as an escape from the real world, a place to enjoy a virtual experience. If others are there to ruin that, why even play the game? Let’s get rid of this before it takes over the community for good.


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