Overwatch Best Symmetra Skins To Consider

Overwatch heroes are evolving. Symmetra, for example, has undergone many updates throughout the years.

So, players expect a major change in her abilities. What are the best skins for Symmetra today? Read on for more information!


Peacock is one of the most famous skins in Overwatch. This 2020, players have fallen in love with its black color scheme as it complements the skin tone of Symmetra.

Peacock will also change your mind as a player, although she doesn’t excel at Overwatch waifus. To get the epic skin, a peacock is available in any loot box. But the waiting time would be longer. So, buying the peacock for 250 credits is a bright idea.


Symmetra seems dour, but it comes from her desire to seek order and peace in Overwatch’s chaotic world. Yes, she’s a bit autistic. Her optimistic nature, however, shines through this skin, which gives the hero more levity during competitive matches.

Technomancer is rare. Still, it is easy to get. While some wait for the loot drop, other players purchase it for only 75 credits.


Considered as an ode to the character’s old build, this skin has capitalized Symmetra projector’s ability to drain an opponent’s health and lock onto other targets. Unfortunately, the skin is only available during the annual Halloween event. Good news! You can buy it for 250 credits.


Qipao has an Iron Man vibe, although it is meant for the Chinese New Year celebration.

It is also the best skin for Marvel fans out there. While the Vampire is available on the annual Halloween occasion, Qipao is part of the Chinese New Year event. If you can’t wait for a loot box, purchase Qipao for 250 credits.

Figure Skater

Another Symmetra skin is Figure Skater. What makes it different from others is that it adds the perfect counterbalance to the character’s personality. Figure Skater is perfect for those who just want to have some fun. However, the skin is not available year-round. Wait for the Winter Wonderland to come. Then, pay around 3000 credits.


Do you want to pine for the character of old? If yes, the Architect has got your back.

While it’s hard to be an architect of every battle, placing the three turrets at the right time can make a huge difference. If you already have 1000 credits, the Architect is worth the purchase. For those who don’t have 1000 credits yet, play until you get the loot box.


Symmetra is a unique Overwatch character, so she deserves a unique skin. Oasis is a popular option among the bizarre Overwatch skins. Of course, you want to stand out in different matches, and Oasis can make it a reality.

Unfortunately, Oasis is one of the rarer skins in this list. So, you have to wait for the anniversary celebration and buy it for 1000 credits. Indeed, there are different Symmetra skins to choose from, and it’s tricky to make the right option.

The secret here is to identify your needs beforehand.

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