Hardest Heroes in Overwatch

It cannot be denied that Overwatch is one of the most successful games that is being played by many individuals in every corner of the world. One of the main reasons behind their popularity is the numerous heroes that they offer. Each player can get the hero and the playstyle they want. Each of its players knows that there are heroes that can be played easily while some are not. In connection with this, many players were attracted to choose the heroes that are hard to play with while playing.

In this post, I am going to provide you with the hardest heroes that you might encounter when you start playing the Overwatch. So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading and enjoy!


Pharah is one of the hardest heroes that you can play in Overwatch. This is a female hero that is hard to play with the good ones. You can be the target of this hero if you are flying. There are lots of techniques that you can to survive. But it might take you some effort, time, and full dedication.


Whether you are going to believe or not, Torbjorn is one of the strongest heroes in Overwatch. There are lots of players who are not knowledgeable about how to play the said hero properly. It cannot be denied that it is a hero that is equipped with the strongest capabilities and skills.

If you are a beginner in the said game, you might think that the turret of this hero might distract you. But no, the truth is that it is being used to create more damage to your enemies. Aside from that, it can also be used in catching out flankers, splitting the enemies, and holding the chokepoints. You need to know not to depend on your entire battle with its turret. It is always essential for you to work with your team members to take out tanks deal the damages and exchanging the armors. Getting all of these properly needs your time and patience in practicing it. This is always true to those individuals who are starting to play the game.


For you to be declared as the winner of the game using Sombra, it needs you some things. One of the requirements that you should do is to strike those headshots consistently. Even though the gun provided by Sombra can cause little damage to your enemy, it comes with a higher level of fire rate. This only means that you should not assassinate an enemy without having headshots. Another thing that you should know is to keep an eye to the hacked health packs. This can be done easily and conveniently.


McCree comes with a 6-shot revolver. But make sure that you will count your shots. This is mainly because reloading his gun might take some time. If you are going to use this hero in the game, you need to use its revolver in shooting the enemies properly. This requires your time and effort in practicing.

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