Moira: What Makes Her A Different Overwatch Healer?

Overwatch is one of the most popular MMORPG video games of 2020 that has captured people of all ages in different corners of the world.

But new players encounter some trouble when selecting the right Overwatch healer. Don’t worry! You’re not alone.

Since the development of Overwatch, there is plenty of healers to choose from, and Moira is worth the effort.

Why Should You Choose Moira Over the Others?

Great Ability to Escape

Yes, it’s hard to be everywhere at once with Moira when your teammates choose to disperse in different parts of the map.

Her fade ability, however, allows you to cover a bit of ground with haste. Her tracer-esque dash move allows every player to scramble towards seriously injured teammates within a second or two. It also enables you to escape from Pesky DPS players.

Better DPS

Moira is no match with Zenyatta when it comes to dealing with damage and wheeling. But don’t underestimate Moira. Her biotic grasp secondary fire can chip away at many targets.

But wait, there’s more! Moira can melt squisher DPS enemies in the crossfire. But it is not as powerful as her healing abilities, so use it sparingly.

Still, Moira can handle a battle when the need arises.

Able to Heal Multiple Targets

Moira is known for her ability to cover extensive ground. It is also more versatile and resourceful than Mercy.

Moira’s default healing beam can cover an array of teammates. Moira can churn out 80 health restoration every second and start a healing orb.

Juggle Multiple Tasks

Yes, swapping between a healing output and DPS can be troublesome for beginners. But when you manage the process efficiently, you can turn Moira into a powerful monster who can help dictate the tempo of every battle.

Flexible and Versatile

Another thing we love about Moira is its beam of light and death. The best trick here is to utilize its capacity at the right time and the perfect location.

That’s not all! Moira dishes out both damage and healing at the same time. While you can beat an opponent, you can also lift your team.

Other Overwatch Healers to Try

Apart from Moira, there are other healers to consider. Here are some of them:

Mercy - Mercy is famous for her speed and mobility in flying towards an opponent. She has damage, and Valkyrie’s chain-healing boosts. She also offers a more effective healing performance on a single target.

Zenyatta - As a support hero, Zenyatta can damage enemies. While issuing out debuffs and passive buffs, Zenyatta stays protected because of his primary projectile fire. He is strong against Zarya (Tanks), Lucio, and Mercy. His weaknesses are Widowmaker, Tracer, Soldier:76, Roadhog, and Winston.

Lucio - Ideal for beginners and professionals, Lucio has a kit that focuses on group-centered or passive buffs. Although he doesn’t have an excellent healing ability like Moira, Lucio has a knockback secondary fire and high survivability.

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