Baptiste: A New Combat Medic Overwatch Hero

Are you Overwatch fanatics? Then it is time to rejoice as the developer recently announced the introduction of the popular called Baptiste. This new character is a combat medic from Haiti who grew up in the Omnic War as a stray.  Baptiste makes a convincing reason to play as support despite the supremacy tank and harm dealing Overwatch characters.

The new hero was pressured to partake in Talon, a mercenary group whose members include Sombra, Widowmaker as well as Reaper to keep alive and since has learned the technique on how to adapt to diverse conditions.

Blizzard, a few months ago, released dutiful engineer character called Brigitte, Ashe, ahead of the Deadlock group, as well as a genetically tailored hamster who ride in a massive ball of death or also known as Wrecking Ball. On the other hand, just Brigitte was in the support category that is vital to competitive play.

Baptiste being a support hero, seems to fit somewhere between Lucio and Ana. The skills and abilities of Baptiste take account of:

Regenerative Burst: Treats allies and himself over time

Biotic Launcher: 3-round burst that has considerable harm output, which is able to heal cronies by throwing projectiles.

Immortality Field: He makes use of a generator to make a filed around him, which avoids cronies from dying.

Exo Boots: He can jump high by crouching and then jumping again

Amplification Matrix: He makes a matrix that doubles the effect of damage and curing any friendly projectiles which pass through it.

According to Geoff Goodman, the lead character designer of Overwatch loved the concept of a gadget healer character. He stated that they’re playing with diverse gameplay ideas around deploying devices and gadgets as an avenue to heal as well as help the team or cronies. From a gameplay point of view, this character was made to provide assistance or support players a new choice and gameplay to help the team, as well as to appeal to gamers who may not play a supporting character often.

According to expert players, it is frustrating to know that some players don’t play healer, provided the fact that the roster of character is large. It can be enticing just to choose the preferred tank character or DPS and go for it. On the other hand, not having a healer is indeed annoying and devastating, with other teams is specifically good.

Respawn’s Apex Legends took the world of gaming by storm by being astoundingly polished and fun. A lot of players of this game might be enticed by the same character shooter mechanics, which Apex Legends ha. Being said that, Overwatch has sustained a good competitive player base ever since its launch in the year 2016, which takes account of winning the 2018 game awards as the most excellent Esports game.

As of now, a lot of players are already using the new character. A low of desktop players are already trying this hero out in the PTR.

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