Mercy Banned In The Overwatch Season 21 Competitive Play

As for this year's Season21 competitive play, the Blizzard announces a Hero Pools, limiting some heroes to be played during the week. So, expect that there will be heroes that are not available to play for a specific. The most exciting for this is the in-game prompt will be the one to chooses. So, no one can pinpoint which hero will be banned. With this event, one of the heroes that are being banned in the Overwatch Mercy.

Without Mercy

We know that Mercy is a type of hero for support.  It serves as a guardian angel for its teammates. It heals and resurrects and strengthening its team. Mercy is not that very popular to use nowadays; however, it is the most pick against Pharah. Banning Mercy in the gameplay can be a significant loss as this hero is the main healer.

If you want to have great gameplay for Mercy, you also need to get to know its primary abilities. One secret of playing it is finding its proper positioning in the battle. Mercy has two passive skills: regeneration and angelic descent. In terms of revival, it allows or helps to regenerate health without being damaged. So, for that, it is best if you have the manipulation of the environment to be able to heal. For the Angelic Descent, it associates with the Guardian Angel to allow Mercy to fly and be near to its teammates. Mercy, being a guardian angel, serves as an ally for its teammates and as Mercy's escape mode.

The Angelic descent ability of Mercy also serves as the key to have a perfect position and also to have better control over the surroundings. The most iconic skill that Mercy has is to resurrect, allowing her to revive the fallen teammate from being dead.  But this ability is better to use for a very critical situation. Mercy does also have an ultimate ability, the so-called Valkyrie. This is the ability to have the most potent usage that can turn the favor to its team. Relatively it can heal its entire team and that it can increase the damage output. And in using this Valkyrie, you need to see to it that your team will be aggressive enough to win and win against the enemies.

Although many other heroes can be an alternative when Mercy been banned, there is also great sadness as the Mercy players don't have the chance to play it. However, the ban of the heroes for season 21 is only applicable in the competitive play. You can still use Mercy in the other type of game, such as in the quick sport and different modes.

Whatever type of heroes it may, there will still be a significant impact as it can be lost or not to be able to use it. Like Mercy, it serves support for its teammate like healing them.

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