Overwatch: Latest Damage Heroes 2019

Damage is one of the three roles in Overwatch; it is where the damage heroes are the frontier of the team. The one who secures its teams' life and kills the enemies. This year 2019 the Overwatch has new features for the game and also new hero named Sigma. As today here is the up-to-date list of damage heroes that you may see in the Overwatch:

•    Ashe

She is Elizabeth Caledonia "Calamity" Ashe an American and a thief and a gang leader. Ashe uses her rifle from her hips and fires it quickly. She also uses dynamite to blast her enemies; he can use her aim-down sights in damaging and to have a precise shot for her enemies. She is not alone, because she has a sidekick named B.O.B. who can charge forward and hit it in the air. It also lay an overpowering fire in his arm cannon.

•    Bastion

S.S.T. Laboratories Siege Automaton E54 a formerly battle automation. It can reduce damage while being transformed. He was equipped with a submachine gun that is good in firing in a medium range.

•    Doomfist

His real name is Akande Ogundimu, a Nigerian martial artist, C.E.O., and Mercenary. He is a powerful, highly mobile frontline fighter. He can generate a temporary shield for himself when he is dealing with the ability damage. He can fire in a short-range, by bursting his knuckles on his fist. He can also automatically regenerate ammunition in a short period.

•    Genji

Genji Shimada a Japanese Adventurer, with his cybernetic ability he can climb walls and jump in mid-air. He has shuriken that he can throw three of it in a wider spread. With the use of his wakizashi, he slashes his opponents easily in his way.

•    Hanzo

A damaged hero named Hanzo Shimada, a Japanese assassin and Mercenary. He can jump and climb into walls. His arrows can strike multiple targets of enemies rapidly. He also can summon a Dragon spirit that travels on the air in line that can pass through walls and attacking enemies.

•    Junkrat

Jamison Fawkes an Australian Anarchist, demolitionist, thief, scavenger, and mercenary. His frag launcher that throws bouncing grenades and concussion mines send its enemy flying.  His Steel traps can kill his enemies instantly form the tracks.

•    McCree

Jesse McCree is an American criminal; armed with a peacekeeper revolver. He can easily shoot and spot his enemy by his eagle-like speed.

•    Mei

Is an adventurer, she is a Chinese and a Climatologist. Her real name is Mei-Ling Zhou. She can protect their position by slowing their opponents with the use of her device which a weather-altering machine. She also can freeze herself to prevent attacks.

•    Pharah

Fareeha Amari an Egyptian, Security Chief.  He can soar in the air by her combat armor. Armed with high-explosive rockets.

•    Reaper

Gabriel Reyes an American mercenary.  He has a twin shotgun that can rip its enemy. His ghost ability turns him to become immune to damage; he can also become a shadow in a short period.

•    Soldier: 76

Named John Francis "Jack" Morrison, an American Soldier formerly overwatch commander and vigilant. He is equipped with a cutting-edge weapon such a pulse rifle a high powered one, that can shoot spirals.

•    Sombra

Olivia Colomar a Mexican Hacker and a powerful inflator. Her hacking ability can interrupt the enemies. He can also camouflage and translocate herself, which makes her hard target one.

•    Symmetra

Satya Vaswani an Indian Architect. She operates a light-bending photon projector, which it can release explosive energy that creates a high damage impact.

•    Torbjorn

Torbjorn Lindholm, a Swedish weapon designer, and chief engineer. Hammer and gun. To build his turrets, he uses his forge in making it.

•    Tracer

Leena Oxton a formerly British Pilot, adventurer, and overwatch agent. She has a twin pulse pistol, time bombs which are energy-based, and rapid-fire banter. She can correct her wrongs in the battle by rewinding it.

•    Widowmaker

Amelie Lacroix is a French and a formerly ballet dancer and assassin. She equipped herself with anything that can eliminate her enemies. It includes poisonous gas, powerful sniper, and visor that can grant her a squad infra-sight.

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